The Rabbit Hole




or under estimate an opponent which you have


Gnats aren’t formidable enemies…just pests.


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I can see a clueless Socialist Libtard, but an opponent hasn’t turned up yet


Ha ha noooo, hide like a rhino.

I’ve just bumped through quickly and passed a colostomy bag in the hall, traditionally they usually full of shit, is this one any different ?


Hi Alex worth it for your pics. :grin:


Methinks the ColostomyBag suffers from justifiable inferiority dementia. He feels inadequate because he knows he is.


Completely full of the CaCa, but doesn’t know it yet. We are relying on you to provide the necessary education


Best wishes for an uneventful drenching, if that is what you get. :+1:


Hey Dev remember our discussion about sorting things out politically or getting the gloves on ? Your view still same ? I’ve been active in recent months demos, meetings etc and have to say my opinion hasn’t changed, I’m still in the “pitch forks at the ready camp”. TPTB won’t listen any time soon and not in any way affected by demod etc. I also think we are too splintered to be useful and I think this has been engineered too. We are infiltrated to cause the fractures. The “right” groups (EDL, For Britain, Britain First, TR’son etc etc ) They all have common ground but can’t/won’t come together. What’s keeping them apart ? I inlude UKIP in with these too. Infiltration keeps them apart to reduce traction and weaken overall position on the right.


Just found this on wiki. Didn’t know they existed until recently. Could be useful. :joy::joy:


The advice to ignore rather than engage with a troll is sometimes phrased as “Please do not feed the trolls.”


Is the “Doc” and “Verv” here too ?


Only if you are Spanish. In the ME Caca means (allegedly, according to an Iraqi Kurd) good friend or brother.

Kinda fits, doesn’t it :sunglasses:


Doc is but I don’t know verv’s old FF handle !

Don’t think we had any discussions in the factory Stu but nice to meet you.


Well, on that basis, Jen has joined the Conservative party.
As I read your prose I wondered which would be the most effective target…


… Yes :+1:


Doc is PolarbearTricks


Hi Rob Likewise (handshake). Verv’s FF handle= VERV.

I must have got booted before you arrive at the party :grin:


Verv’s handle here is @verv1 (