The Rabbit Hole


My thinking is to keep the pressure on and wait until Brexit happens. Politics in the UK has changed forever but there is still lots of work to do. Most of the political class seem to be unaware of the steam train approaching from behind


Oh didn’t realize you were booted, you obviously joined the infamous league.
I noticed a collection of you seemed to get hit all at once.
I haven’t found the talent to upset anyone bad enough yet, I will keep learning :rofl::rofl:


Morning Ex

I think just for the political voice it has to be all behind UKIP with Gerrard Batten at the helm but in all honesty Westminster needs a Swan Vesta putting to it. We know it is just theatre to keep the plebs happy that they have choice (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and they bunch of lackies for Super Corporates.


Yeah I had two handles booted, my trading prowess wasn’t enough to save me. Bunch of bed wetting arseholes !!


Well all I can say is I’ve been waiting for this steam train for 20 + years. I must be standing at the wrong platform.


Haha I am the opposite, I should be booted for my pathetic trading performance :smiley:
I think you will be safe here to speak frankly !


:joy: My trading “prowess” was tongue in cheek. I am in the slum scalper class, if scalping is your thing, check out my threads. I sent them to the bin long before I was booted because of the lame, breast feed me types.


Not really a scalper, looking to perfect the longer term trades so I am not in front of the screen so much.
Hope you are successful enough to be living it up and free from working a day job. :+1::+1:

you based in U.K. / U.S. / ?


Just tell the truth and use facts in FF and that will get you booted


This time it is coming and Brexit lit the boiler


Realised that from those I witnessed who were booted.
I tend to use diplomacy where possible and haven’t reached the realms of being controversial enough to state truths to the degree that they offend.
But like I said I am learning :grin:


Here we can call them assholes.:sunglasses:


Life is too short for diplomacy. Most of the Libtards just see diplomacy as weakness


Gotcha, I have the problem (I call it a luxury) that I live down a private lane away from the populus and don’t involve myself much with day to day stupidity.
I share no views with the Libtards and where possible don’t share any space with such.
I am like a magnet that repels them and I like it that way :+1:


Nice to see that your American spelling or our U.K. spelling doesn’t detract the image we get of the people Stu is speaking about.
They really are still “Aholes”


Ok good luck on your journey. I’m in UK been at it full time for long time. I say don’t give up your day job if you enjoy what you do. I’ve traded since 90’s in one form or another but really enjoyed my day job but that got to a point were I just could not get reliable people any more (building), so turned full time. Trading has been built into a mythological type monster that needs to be slayed, of course that is the story for the masses who can’t accept how simplistic it can be. FF etc and the internet market machine really know how to extract the saps cash.


arse is also the American polite way to spell ass

The use of ass saves a character.:joy:



Hey Stu! Good to see you again and that you came back in your original form! Happy hunting!


You say tomato. I say nightshade Solanum lycopersicum. :sunglasses: