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Glad to here it. I am fully agreed on the myth of trading.
I have recently discovered a set of price levels that attract price and repel price so accurately that there is no way it is a coincidence. It is frightening to think the trading houses are collectively driving currency prices so blatantly to these defined prices. ( If only I can find the final piece of this jigsaw :rofl: )
Imagine trying to explain to Joe Public the reason say the GBP/USD reached a price today was because a load of traders decided it. Instead we get a snippet on the evening news telling us the price hit today was due to some nebuluos economic release. WTF
The poor “sheeple”


Speaking of arse(s). Can someone tell the USD/CAD to get off its lazy arse and go bull already? We already know Trump is going to rake Trudolt over the coals on this trade deal. I’m getting sick of waiting. God, sometimes I hate being a day trader.


If you threaten others in here, you will get banned. A testament to firebird’s commitment to free speech


I love being a day trader. I trade every weekday for a Saturday or a Sunday.


My post should have said users and site (his ban does). But yes, when I laid out “attacks” in the rules this behavior is what I had in mind. I know people get upset about the occaasional name calling back and forth - but this is the internet - and it has never been any different. Targeting someone and harrassing them to the point that they won’t speak their mind or flat out attempting to silence speech is an actual attack from my perspective, and won’t be tolerated.


Is he suspended for a few days or a thousand years? :sunglasses:


Thanks Patriot, much appreciated


You have to be patient with that one! I have been following the NAFTA issue for a few years now and watching it like a Hawk! NAFTA is huge and with Freeland having left the NAFTA negotiations this past Monday to attend a Feminist summit was a direct front to Trump. She totally insulted him with this video.

How else to explain [Freeland’s] appearance at Monday’s Women in the World summit in Toronto, on a panel entitled Taking on the Tyrant? ” Today Ezra Levant and Manny Montenegrino discuss the exact same example:

I suspect that this will have some kind of consequence and Trudeau and his CHICOM friends are gambling on the outcome of the American mid-terms elections.

I wouldn’t expect big movement with this pair unless two things happen. (some kind of concrete resolution)

  1. An announcement that NAFTA is dead, or a deal has been made. ( If a deal is made then CAD will get bullish) If a deal is “no Go” (then Dollar bulls will run).

  2. If the price of Oil drops or goes up. Depending on Iran, and if they make good on their threats to disrupt the strait of Hormuz could send Oil prices soaring and Canadian Oil in demand.


1000 years. When you threaten this community of people or the site itself with legal action because you don’t like the words others are saying…bye bye.


At least you didn’t ban him permanently! :rofl:


We will all come together and review the ban on Monday, September 14th, 3018. :wink:


Can I have a rain check? I’m going fishing that day.


The foaming at the mouth EU’s Verhofstadt really does believe his own bullshite. God help the other EU countries


Cancelled I’m afraid. Your worm just got banned


I use crickets…live crickets.


Why is it that Verhofstadt reminds me of Barkie?



See the resemblance?

This guy reminds me of Ralph Wiggum!


I’m heartbroken! Have to pay £5.50 to drive in the EU! And they’re not going to tell us of any asteroids coming to crash into us! Oh why oh why did I vote Brexit? :sob:


Will you be closing the Chunnel?