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They are fear mongering!


And Gollum


Carnage still at it then. He hasn’t learnt that everything he predicts, the opposite happens. What I really don’t get is why he is still in that job. He’s not even British. We have enough idiots; we don’t need to import any.


I take it that also means that EU driving licences are not valid in the UK


There’s the Channel Tunnel (cars go onto trains) and the Eurostar tunnel (passenger trains). They’re convenient, but maybe we should blow them up to keep the illegals out! We’re an island, how hard can it be to be in control of our borders?


No such luck. Also they will not have to pay tolls or speeding fines. Or require roadworthy vehicles.


Can’t Canada’s mangina Trudeau, pull Carange back to Canada where they have great admiration for utter stupidity


All part of Treason May’s non negotiations?


Well to be more precise, he threatened to sue other members and the site itself. I think we all can tolerate some bantz from time to time.


Totally agree, but Bill had lost the plot



Thanks Ex. She a bad storm, but it could have been a lot worse. Lot of flooding. East coast missed a bullet - thankfully.


Old boy BS’in here. He’s damn good. Got me on track. No breastfeeding :relieved::rofl: – just a few pointers and confirmation I was on the right track. :sunglasses:




Well damn – I was jus gett’in ready to give ol bill a special rabbit hole welcome – now i’ll B a hundert and sump’tin fo I can do it! :joy: BTW: Luv your pic and handle – and thanks for your service. :sunglasses:




SoS is a guy called sickofscam i always find him to be a funny guy but other think his a troll


He’s a major reason why I don’t trade GBP! Not to mention since that flash crash last year!


Thankful Sarge that’s only a cat 2