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I know Garald Mcclellan knock his trainers teeth out in the last weeks of training for the Nigel Benn fight and recently Tyson Fury did the same thing to his trainer the funny thing is Garald Mcclellan never did that to his previous trainer Emmanuel Stewart and Tyson Fury never did knock out his previous trainer Peter Fury when professional fighters hit their trainers on the pads they are doing it deliberately they never do it to respected trainers


I will be seeing an F35B Lightning II next weekend at an air show. :blush:


i got kicked off Twitter back in 2015 the people getting kicked off now are amateurs compared to me


Thanks. She on shore at Wilmington, NC. Cat 1 – 90 mph. Still lot of flooding, power outages and damage. Weather channel struggling to keep it exciting after the monster build up! Luv your cat chart! :grin:


Thanks Jen, I’d not seen that one. I love hear from Pat. Couldn’t have put it better myself


we are the Jew of the internet and the internet is Nazi Germany :santa:t6:


I believe you! Today’s people on Twitter I call Twatters!


I don’t know how you tolerated SackOShit, but each to their own


Yeah I know, I lived through 6 hurricanes myself while living in Florida! It’s no picnic! The worrisome aspect is the live wires you have to watch for during the aftermath! Dangerous!


“we are the Jew of the internet and the internet is Nazi Germany”

Good analogy and so true!


That’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla.


That is utter Socialist libtard bullshite, there is only Chocolate :rofl::rofl:


not only do i tolerated SoS i liked him he was not a bad person


We’ll just agree to differ on that


ok so you dislike SoS and i dislike jmn5611 but what to you think about jmn5611??? dickhead or nice guy


You thought PT was SOS. Did you like PT /Wankstain Reed?


I don’t have any time for jmn5611 either


you can pay to spend time with his wife on a hourly rate i love this place :santa:t6:


i liked Wankstain until he had some weird Trump loving hissy fit and PT was not SoS so it does not matter really but if it was him it would have change my opinion of him at the start PT was funny but than it become weird like a ex boyfriend or something like that

also keep in mind i liked Donff and Chiff i do not normally end up disliking people


Hi Doc ditto mate. Hope you been dispensing plenty of your own brand of medication ! :joy: