The Rabbit Hole


Been in Quarantine for 4 hours while they check to see if I’m up to date with Rabies and Lefty Aversion jabs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Jen is JMN here too ?


He bounced in for a couple posts. He’s one of the J’s on the second line at the top. M gave him hell so ain’t sure he’ll B back.

HaHa – real love fest tween he and M. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


Hey Jim he’s a cool hound so thought he deserved a proper beer !!:rofl:


Ha ha I can imagine… both barrels !!!


yes he is here unfortunately we have never been able to find out who invite him i think it was Exdus but he refuses to answer the question no matter how many time i asked him. with jmn5611 here i have called him a paedophile and have spend the word on other threads and keep making jokes about his wife being dirty third world brass that he had to buy i think he may have fuck off now at least i hope he has :santa:t6:


Aw man – I’d forgotten bout the warm beer, Stu Boy. Nice thing bout this place there ain’t no red diamonds and no place for them to go crying. They either cut it or haul ass – nice! :joy::rofl::joy:


You do realise he created PT just to get at me? He got obsessed with me after I called him short and fat.


Your beer is water. :joy:


yes just like a weird ex boyfriend would make a new facebook profile and stalk their ex


PT ? short for ?..


HaHa – U got all these secret admirers jus a pant’in. It’s hell be’in so popular Jen. :heart_eyes:


Ha Ha Delta 1 sends some love too I’m sure !


pivot point – actually winston posing as a German illiterate muzzie trying to harass Jen and get her canned.


Well I wuz in luv - and damn if ya ain’t hurt me to the core. :astonished::sob:


The truth about your beers hurts :rofl:


He was in love with your alter-ego


Has the ESMA ruling been a topic here or do keep the conversation clean and no trade talk ?


Who could blame him Sade :heart_eyes: