The Real North Korea


It’s also an attempt to spread easternization.


China is going to be going through ‘elections’ in a few months from now.

Xi is going to have to explain to the CPC how he intends to cook China’s books for a few more years to pay for all of this.


No offense - but what on earth is “easternization”?


The rise of China’s intervention in geopolitics.


Why not just say that? Using the word ‘easternization’ is stupid, imho.


I’ll second that…


How so? If you are going to proclaim something as being “stupid” why not provide some additional explanation? The both of you.


It’s not geopolitically correct, since eastern can mean anything oriental.


:thinking: but its a coined term, like westernization.


By a bunch of Western academics?


The word ‘westernization’ carries with it a lot of connotations which invoke an image of massive cultural, technological and economic shift in a nation China isn’t interested in ‘easternizing’ the countries it exerts influence over.


Ehh…it’s more like one book.


That’s a bit wrong though.

My library has a huge section on china…half the books use that word in their title that’s where I heard it originally.


Most academics in Europe and America talk a lot of nonsense about China, like one of my own professors who connects everything that happens in Asia to ‘face’.


I mean that’s just opinion so I can’t argue against that.


Fair enough. I can’t argue with you not wanting to argue against opinion.


I’m just trying to find for this easternization word and it’s either about Japanese management technique or some Gideon Rachman book. I’m trying to figure out the etymology of the term.


Easternization is the word to describe the growth of eastern economies in relation to the west. Try searching with the UK spelling as well for better results = easternisation.


I still think it’s a bit of a loaded term and implies a far deal more than what is actually going on.


I disagree due to the growth of the Four Asian Tigers, China, etc. Japan is the only real odd one out in that area.