The Religion of Peace Strikes Again: 4 American Tourists in France Attacked with Acid


4 American tourists attacked with acid in Marseille’s train station, prosecutor says.

Four female U.S. tourists were attacked with acid in Marseille’s main train station on Sunday, a prosecutor said. A woman was arrested.


Fourteen firefighters rushed to the scene - it is not thought to be terror related

Acid Attacks Halal

Acid attack

Not thought to be terror related.


Serious question. Do sub-human Muslims just walk around with acid looking for white women to spray?

Also, what were these girls doing in Marseille? I’ve heard that there are no French people there.

Oh and wait for it - NOT TERROR RELATED always precedes NOT ALL MUSLIMS


Conflicting reports all over the place. Fox is saying that a woman was arrested for the attack. Daily Mail is saying that it was a 41 year old male arrested fleeing the scene with a spray bottle of hydrochloric acid.


Fourteen fire fighters rushd to the scene - it is not thought to be terror related

Perhaps an eye for an eye should be used as punishment.

All his fame relatives rounds up and sprayed in the face with acid then dip his hands in acid for 60 seconds of so.

Where there is little punishment the acts of violence will continue.


They should have listened to their President before booking their vacation destination. Part and parcel.


Or they could have read one news story before taking their vacation. My bet is they were looking to burn the coal. That place is loaded with African migrants. They were on a quest for the BBC.

Good vid tho. Adding to collection :wink:




Any American traveling to Europe right now should expect things like this. These young girls are probably going to be permanently disfigured for the rest of their lives all because they refuse to believe a common truth. Muslims are evil and dangerous third worlders who do not believe in Western civilization or our laws. They believe in Sharia law and feel obligated to punish those in public who are violating Sharia law. Entire region of France have once again been surrendered to an invading force. Those girls were not visiting France. They were visiting the Islamic State in France. Sad story but this was completely avoidable. .


I once considered the idea of retiring to a beautiful part of France or Italy. No more. I won’t even visit these places now because they are hopelessly infested with Islamist acid attackers, shooters, bombers, drivers, etc. They have destroyed their once great cultures for virtue signaling.


Straight from the horse’s mouth.


This is what happens when people are brainwashed by the left. They are basically telling people to live happily among killers and rapists, because they are victims too. They say that when we finally “understand” them then the violence will stop. No, the violence will stop when we physically remove them or eliminate them. At this point the infestation is so bad the only way to stop it is to burn the hive.


That video!!! :musical_note: :heart: :dancer: :smile: :musical_note: YGYL


Because when you look up pictures it is an old, beautiful, coastal city that has been featured in travel magazines for decades. Young blue pilled girls would have no idea that it is now a third world shithole.


These girls father’s should be on a plane right now ready to beat these sick bastards to death.


Hopefully they fully recover. Although in sure that they won’t ever be the same. The silver lining is that 4 red pills were consumed today. No going back for them now.



Thats a black pill. Only death can relieve them from this pain now.


The degree of bigotry and hate on the pages of this forum is astounding. Christianity is responsible for as much human atrocity as any other. People can always and easily see the faults of others, but the beam in their own eye…


And what if the girls were not christian?? What if they were atheists???

I’m amazed at how forgiving the left can be. I wonder if it were their wife, daughter they would be so understanding.


In the last 30 days, how many Christians have attacked innocent people with acid? Facts aren’t racist.