The Religion of Peace Strikes Again: 4 American Tourists in France Attacked with Acid


I don’t think you are grasping just how dire the situation in Europe is.

I am a naturalized American citizen. My hometown in Sweden is now unrecognizable. It was once such a peaceful and charming city. A place that my family called home for over 500 years (that we can trace). No more.

My family has now been displaced from their home because of the crime and violence. Fortunately for my family, we have a lot of property in the north country where the migrants have not yet reached. My elderly parents are safe there but they are now in a very isolated location. This is not how any of us envisioned them living out the rest of their lives. For me it is quite frightening as they are not in the best of health.

You should really take the time to learn about what is happening and why people feel the way that they do.


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A, I don’t believe I said anything about racist in the post you quoted, and 2, in the name of god, Christians commit atrocities with regularity. And that’s not to pick on Christians, all religions are a scourge on the planet.


Lol, and your solution was migrate to America. I’m sure there were plenty of people speaking of Christians during their “crusades” as you are now about Muslims. This is the problem with fundies, anywhere anytime. Religion is a scourge on the planet.


That was a very short sighted and inconsiderate response.

I came to America in the early 1990s for graduate school. I had planned on returning to Sweden after I completed university. That changed when I met my wife as a student. I became a citizen in 1998. In 1999, I started a business and currently employ 326 of my fellow Americans.

Our experiences shape us and form our opinions. I know what is going on in Sweden because my parents still live there as does my brother, his wife, and my four nieces and nephews. @nord also has family in there and will tell you the same thing.


That’s a fine success story. But has nothing to do with the payback to which I refer. The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it!!! It’s always ok for me to rob or kill you, but always the ultimate crime when you do it to me. Maybe when people wield power they should be more responsible hmm???


My response was in reference to your comment about me moving to America to escape the third world invasion of my birthplace. That was not accurate, so I corrected you. Sweden was fine when I left and for many years thereafter. This devastation is recent and these attacks that we are seeing all across Europe are not being carried out by Europeans. They are being carried out by African and Middle Eastern migrants who commit these acts to uphold Sharia law.

Also, these migrants are not refugees. They are economic migrants seeking a free ride off of European tax payers. They have no humanitarian need to be there.


Ah… but there you are wrong… to a progressive their is no one beneath undeserving of their efforts to taking your money and give it to someone else… anyone else… because if you have something then the world is not equal… and in an unequal world, your hard work means nothing…and of course, you are a pig for even thinking that you do have a right to build your own success…


No, you corrected nothing. You should go back and fight for what you believe in if the notion is so almighty righteous.


Do you not understand how time works?

The migrants were not in Sweden for nearly the entire time I have lived in, and been a citizen of the United States. This is a fairly recent occurrence. We always had immigration, but not migration which is now so bad that it is displacing the native population.

Also, have you served your country? I served mine. As a young man I was conscripted into service. For as liberal as Sweden is, we didn’t have a voluntary option. All men serve.


Do you not understand that you have only your own government to blame for what you find unacceptable?


The Swedish government has not been my government for nearly twenty years.

I am an American who immigrated to our country legally.


Also, I was in the military during the Carter administration. It’s not service, it’s a job that I was paid to do just like every other job I’ve held in my life, and the one I’m least proud of, even if Carter was a peacetime president and I never did receive my pay for killing innocent civilians that I had never had a quarrel with and who themselves could care less what so called American “values” were.


Then what exactly is your bitch if you feel so American and detached from your roots?? And what of your avatar, hmm?


I’m glad to hear that you understand how the military works.

Which means you should understand that your argument that I should have gone and fought for Sweden against the migrants actually isn’t an argument at all.

As you know, the military is the arm of the state. If the state is responsible for immigration policy, and the military is the arm of the state, then fighting against the state’s official policy via military means would be considered either a coup or an act of treason.

I know you aren’t advocating for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government. Or are you?


Are you an immigrant? I am.

Do you understand the immigrant experience? I do.

I still love Sweden. Just as any person feels an affinity for where they are born. You can’t help where you are born. It shapes who you are and how you think. Despite what you hear from progressives, white Europeans actually had their own culture. That culture helped to inform my world view and my value set.

I chose America as my country. America is the greatest country in the world that offers anyone the opportunity to be successful. I am proud to call myself an American and am proud to have started a successful American business (with some Swedish values - I pay full salary and benefits for one year for maternal and paternal leave and have for many years).

With that established, I have very strong opinions on watching the country of my birth be destroyed by people that did not help to create and sustain it. I don’t expect someone with a limited world view to understand this feeling, but you should heed my warning. If you don’t, then what is happening in Sweden will happen here too. If that happens, Americans won’t have many options as far as emigration. You can thank the educational system here and progressives globally for that.


There are many ways to fight that have nothing to do with killing people and destroying property, shrug.


Thank American education? The “greatest country in the world”. You destroyed your own argument there. Btw, what’s destroying America isn’t immigration.


America is the greatest country on Earth. No question. America is the greatest country on earth because of opportunity. In order to seize opportunity you must compete with others. If you don’t have the skills to compete with others, you are out of the game and do not have opportunity.

That’s where education comes into play.

It’s quite simple to understand. As a tax payer with three children, I have a strong interest in understanding the education system in general and I do have a right to criticize our K-12 education system, specifically. Colleges are also not what they used to be in terms of academic rigor and critical thinking.

Is this not evident to you?

Do you think American schools are the absolute best that they can be?


No I don’t, and not just schools. America has slipped from the number one spot in oh so many critical areas. Here’s just one.