The Religion of Peace Strikes Again: Melbourne Apartment Siege


Chalk up yet another terror attack to the “Religion of Peace”. This let them come in and things will be fine policy isn’t working. It’s not going to work. It never will work.


It’s never going to end until we end it for ourselves. No more tolerance of Muslims and Islam. They can all go back to their caves and sand dunes and leave us the fuck alone.

The Daily Mail has a good run down of the event.


Over the past few years, Australia has been taking in Somalian and Sudanese Islamists. I do think if anyone is going to start fighting back against these knuckle draggers, it will be the Aussies. They don’t strike me as a group of people who will tolerate immigrants terrorizing their country.


Meanwhile…in Poland


ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack in Melbourne.


White men across the world need to stand up for what is theirs.