The Religion of Peace Strikes Again: Possible Terror Attack in Finland




There are conflicting reports coming out of people either being stabbed or shot in Finland by someone screaming Allahu Ackbar.

This is pretty fresh. Not much in terms of detail. I will update and post more as the story develops.


From those two photos it doesn’t look accidental. That woman on the ground is probably dead.


This is the only English language story up. No mention of anything other than multiple knifemen. Dare I say, religion of peace confirmed?


Another early iteration…


The Sun article was updated. A woman pushing her baby in a carriage is among the dead - stabbed in the back to death.

One person tweeted: “At least 5 victims, most likely some fatalities one was a woman with a baby.”

Others said a young man and woman were stabbed in the back during the rampage.



Translation: this is the stabber


The mini skirt probably provoked the muslim to murder her.

Sexually repressed people can go insane easily.


DailyMail: One person killed and multiple victims including five women are injured after man goes on knife rampage in Finland before being shot and arrested.


BBC: Finland stabbings: Man shot and held after Turku attacks



I feel terrible for this girl. I don’t think she made it. This is what real extremism and terrorism looks like but we hear “not all Muslims” every single time a terror attack happens. But when one white guy does something…it’s all white people. We have a common enemy. Islam.



Nigel Farage is always right.


Hello Emma… Long time no post… Been to the beach? :smile:

Nigel always has his finger on the pulse… and a finger pointed at Junker…


I know I’ve been away for too long! No beach for me. I was finishing up my Masters, getting a job, and settling back in to the real world. I could use a vacation :beach_umbrella:

I do wish Farage would return to politics. He’s one of the few people who can help guide the UK back to a state of normalcy which might then serve as a model for the majority of the EU member states.


While I have a lot of respect for him, his perspective and his understanding of the many problems that affect the UK, I am dismayed about the absolute lack of depth in UKIP. They have no economic, foreign, or social policy other than Brexit… Nigel himself will seldom articulate anything other than returning sovereignty to the UK. I read a really good article about the globalist position in all of this. While it is certianly true that the globalist want a unified Europe… this is their dream but they aren’t particularly worried about Brexit because if the policies within the UK embrace globalism, it may be a set back but not a bad one…

Congratulations on your degree… so… what ya gonna do with the rest of your life?


I’ve been reading about the trade negotiations that have been drafted in preparation for Brexit. It seems like all the UK government officials are doing is trying to recreate the EU trade arrangements post-Brexit and the EU is not supportive of that. To me it seems like the EU wants to use this to make an example of the UK over Brexit.

I accepted an analyst position with the US Navy. It’s a civilian job. I love America and have always wanted to serve, but I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that I was too scared. I still have time to change my mind but I am really happy about being given this opportunity. I never realized how closely civilians and sailors work with one another and I love going to work everyday knowing that I’m contributing to the defense of our country. I had other offers in the private sector that would have paid MUCH higher but I couldn’t turn this down. My boss is a seasoned LCDR and I couldn’t have asked to have a better mentor.


Sucking off the government teat. You should have gone private sector. Leave the military to uniforms. I suggest you quit and take a job in the private sector like the rest of us.

Oh, and you shouldn’t be posting on here while I’m paying you. Save that for your own time.


First of all, the only reason I even have this AMAZING job is because the Navy asked me to consider working for them. I was at a career fair at my college and I walked up to the Navy booth (which was empty) to thank the sailors for their service. They said to me, why don’t you join us? An older gentleman in a suit and tie was with them and said they had hundreds of openings for recent graduates. I was so humbled to have the chance that I almost started crying. My older brother was killed in Iraq in 2004. So please go right ahead and make all of the uninformed comments that you want. If making people feel bad for wanting to give back something to our country makes you feel good then you are a very small person. I went down this path because instead of worrying about how to make a private company more money I could focus on doing whatever I could to help our brave service members. I might also have the chance one day to help prevent another young girl from losing her older brother.

Finally, if you are concerned about my hours, I worked 12 hour shifts all last week through the weekend. I was given Monday and Tuesday off. Why are you posting on your company’s time? Shouldn’t you be worried about selling some useless junk to someone?


Emma! Good for you girl! I think what you are doing is incredible. Don’t listen to the haters. If people don’t like what you are doing tell then to complain to your boss President Donald J. Trump!


Someone goes to school, gets a degree, gets a respectable job, had family members who served and died in line of duty and some people will still bitch… That’s what I want is a bunch of highly trained sailors sitting in drydock waiting for the next ship to service… Lots of support and interface jobs that relieve our military to concentrate on the job at hand… Yes there is much government waste and if she had said the department of education I might join your chores… but damn, some folks just can’t catch a break no matter what they do…


You are also not considering the fact that the majority of DoD civilians, especially analysts and planners, are deployable. That tells me @Emma has more backbone than you do. The Army has many civilians especially at the HHQ echelon providing situational awareness and decision support to senior leaders. If you don’t know what any of that means then you shouldn’t be insulting others who do that work. As a soldier I don’t have the patience, bandwidth, or training for it.


Welcome back @Emma! Congratulations on the new job and great new profile pic!