The Religion of Peace Strikes Again: Self Driving Vehicles Attack Marseille



One person dead after 2 bus stops intentionally rammed.

Police say they have no motive yet. :thinking:


Sooooo…this is like the 3rd straight day and the 3rd straight attack…

Same tactic, same MO, same everything and yet the MSM just keeps spewing lies about that it was a “mentally ill person” a “white van hitting people” and “nothing to do with Islam”


So stupid. The French authorities claim that the motive is not known while ISIS openly celebrates on twitter.


Were those the poor women and children the democrats want here ? :laughing:


So the intentional ramming of bus stops, the killing of innocent civilians via vehicular homicide, and ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack apparently has nothing to do with Islam in France. Remember, this is what they voted for.


I don’t even care anymore about what happens to these stupid Europeans. They want to hold hands with unrepentant members of an Islamic rape-death cult then let them. They are getting what they deserve. Until the people of France, or any European country that lets in these animals decides to stand up and defend themselves then they are only getting what they voted for. France could have fixed this with LePen. Instead they literally chose an open borders globalist with Mommy issues.


What are you talking about? Self-driving automobiles are the inventions of the white european male. This is clearly the aacts of the alt-lite 5chan whyte suprephamaceuticalelitists. It’s the current year.