The Republic Standard and Politiforum in 2017


##Happy New Year Everyone!

2016 was an unbelievable year for politics and I suspect that 2017 will be just as exciting - especially for us.

While things have been quiet over the holiday season, I have been working on a project that I have been planning for quite a long time. I’ve always wanted to create a news site that was linked to a discussion forum community where community members could write their own opinions, editorials, letters, or provide their own analysis of current events. Just as there is a balance of views here within our community, I believe that there should be a balance of views in the news. My goal was to create a news platform linked to our community that promotes the free expression of ideas and opinion where trusted community members can serve as authors and the stories that they write can be discussed here.

Our news site is called The Republic Standard and it is currently live.

I’m going to be working on integrating politiforum discussion capabilities and functionalities into the site. I’m also going to create a simple user-friendly platform where community members can submit their own articles. My goal was to launch the Republic Standard on January 1st, 2017 - so I am glad to have achieved that. I’ll provide additional updates as they are made and will leave this thread pinned globally for a week so that as folks come back from the holidays they will have a chance to look at the site and receive instructions on how to submit their own material.

I look forward to everyone returning from their holiday travels and kicking off a safe, happy, and productive New Year!



This is AWESOME! Thanks so much for doing this! How can I submit a story? What are the rules for submission?


Thanks @Ashley I’ve built a frontend submission section for users. It’s up and running right now here:

Right now I only have “Submit A Story” available, but I have several other options such as submit to list (think upvoting and downvoting on reddit), submit a gallery, create a meme, etc. I’m working on linking all of the servers together now so politiforum information can be shared with the Republic Standard and vice versa. I also have to create a few login functionalities that interface with Facebook and Twitter - no one likes creating another account so before users can submit a story I need to get those up and running first. My personal goal was to have this done by the end of the day…and I’m ahead of schedule :wink:


I have integrated the comment section on The Republic Standard with politiforum. All posts made by @TheRepublicStandard are automated when a new article is published to the Republic Standard.


Congratulations! Great news, especially for those of us without the connections to pen op eds or articles in the mainstream media.


Thanks @docgreen2010 and that is exactly why I have been working on it. In the past I have written a few op-eds in smaller newspapers like the Baltimore Sun and the Times Herald Record (NY) but I wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone. As the stories from the site get published here, all comments made within the forum get displayed on the article. The connectivity is seamless. If you or anyone else ever wants to write an opinion piece on a matter that is of interest to you, it can be published as an article and displayed on the forum for comment.

I just finished creating the login/logout system for authors (more complicated than you might think) and am working on providing authentication with facebook, twitter, google, and other services so users will only need one sign on.


Woah! Friggin cool man! Happy New Year!


Great job @Patriot this is going to be great! I got a bunch of your email alert notifications for not logging in. Is that new?


Thanks @Jeff and yes I’ll disable that. I accidently selected your account as part of a test of some new features. Sorry in advance…you’ll have quite a few email notifications to delete.


Been busy I see. The site looks really good by the way. Well done.