The Republican attack on the FBI is a long-term loser


Okay, I get it. They’re scared. Time to throw a bunch of excrement at the wall and see what sticks. The question is, is this a viable long term strategy?

Lately there has been a full out frontal assault on the integrity of the FBI in particular and the Dept. of Justice in general. This is a strategy to sow doubt about whatever the Mueller investigation uncovers. Every day the indications are that what will be uncovered will not be good for current administration.

Historically, the rank and file of the FBI have been filled with right-leaning, law-and-order types. You can take J. Edgar Hoover out of the FBI, etc. Bottom line, his legacy still permeates the Bureau. Which until now has for the most part been to the benefit of the right side of the aisle.

Now that same right side has openly called into question the motives and integrity of those agents toiling in the cesspools of American criminality and foreign incursion. The agents in question are probably not amused.

Agents who have labored in the field for decades fighting back the advances of international communism and lefty agitation are now being attacked for looking into Russian interference in an American election. And being attacked from the right for doing so. I imagine that cognitive dissonance is rampant within the Bureau at the moment.

The FBI is a tribe, as J. Edgar set it up to be. Immune from the winds of political change, hewing only to the demands of preserving the status quo. This has mostly been to the benefit of Republicans, steadfast in their determination to preserve the prerogatives of race and capital.

In their kamikaze mission to save the current administration from the scrutiny it so richly deserves, the R’s may have finally succeeded in alienating an ally they have so long taken for granted.


Good summary of this thread.


Good retort…!!!

I don’t think he understands the problem… a slimy pond by and large is just water and some fish… what you see on top is the scum that rose to the top… The pond is fine, just needs a little maintenance at the top so it doesn’t choke the little fish…


When we see injustice we must call them out ! The Mueller team looks like it was hand picked by Hillary and the DNC !!!


@feddo the FBI has an image problem. You may not think so because you want the FBI to be the enforcement arm of the Democratic party, but on simple things like making sure their is enough evidence to warrant an investigation…well, they can’t even do that right.


Mueller is a Republican, Rod Rosenstein is a Republican and Republican Lindsey Graham says there will be holy hell to pay if Trump fires Mueller.


Like I said elsewhere… Not all ‘republicans’ are… republicans. but I just noticed that McConnell has decided that he best hitch his fate to Trump with regards to DACA Amnesty and even though the likes of Graham understand that their would be a kerfluffle over Mueller’s dismissal… I don’t think that he is under any illusion that Rosenstein is a frontman. The dominoes are falling… patience will be rewarded…


Mueller is ultimately a trivial player. Desperate Democrat fantasies aside, there is no indication he has much of anything on his real target - Donald Trump. I don’t think it is necessary to fire Mueller, yet I also doubt there would be a ‘constitutional crisis’ if he gets canned.

There is real reason to investigate the FBI and DOJ for bad actors and actions. I would pose this question to you Feddo, and others who agree with you- why would a seasoned FBI agent in charge of investigating a federal employee for criminal negligence with classified documents, and destruction of subpoenaed evidence, interview the subjects not under oath, and in each other’s presence? Please Feddo, explain that.


Unless you consider the cost of his investigation and the lack of results.

Mueller spent nearly $7 million in four months on Trump-Russia probe

Shall we cap him at 100 million???


A Republican. But in his current capacity, he’s an American engaged in an investigation that he was asked by the Republican AAG, to conduct and was praised by members of both parties as “the best man for the job”. And the FBI’s director (a Trump appointee) supports Mueller.


Whats a few million when we are 20 trillion in debt. I would rather Mueller burn out and embarrass himself then go though the agony of his dismissal… besides, it would seem that the more stones he turns over, the closer to Clintion and Obama that we get and if it can clean house in the FBI and Justice Dept, Trump wins again… Sure its a waste of money but then again so are a lot of things that cost so much more…


Only to the Trumpian, remember that. I know that you guys think the whole world is dressed when you pull your britches on in the morning, but, only to the Trumpian. Which is less than 4 in 10 Americans. :blush:


Only those in denial would stay that Comey didn’t cross boundaries…and of course didn’t leak government owned information. Hell, only a few short months earlier the left were calling for his head. Only those in denial would believe that the investigation into Clinton emails wasn’t a hatch job… One could go on but if it is only 4 in 10 that see these things, America is in deeper trouble than I thought…


One could go on but if it is only 4 in 10 that see these things, America is in deeper trouble than I thought…

Just look at the number of American that are cranked about the tax over haul and it’s apparent how bad it really is as the left and media have people thoroughly indoctrinated.


Remember when it was FIFA we had to worry about at the DOJ?


The right has always been pro law and order, pro FBI (as you stated) and in fact, Trump and his associates were telling us at their rallies during the campaign that the country was going to be returned to law and order. What made them suddenly do a 180 on both is that law and order is getting too close to Trump for comfort. And just this week Christie declared that Kushner’s Russian contacts/correspondence deserves scrutiny and Bannon was musing to Salon that he wished Kushner hadn’t done that. It’s caving in on the man child and they can’t cope.