The Standard Conversation: Defend Europa Editor, Laura T.


The UK has not been an imperialist empire for some time and these invasions are not from losing a war. Elite globalists are forcing mass migration as a way to further consolidate power. They are exploiting people on both sides not helping them. :man_shrugging:


With the possible exception of Syria, the UK has been right beside the US in our warmongering. Who are the nebulous “elite globalists” and how does immigration galvanize power for them?


Are you really asking this question?.. Really? consolidation of power is always the way of the authoritarian… and if you are looking for a fairly comprehensive list of those who would be considered one world globalists… the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations is a good place to start.


I swear to god man, stay away from Europe.


I vacation there often, shrug.


You have to stand up and clap for this man… In the lions den…


EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker is pretty clear in his vision…