The Start Of Globalist Renditions?


So now anyone who doesn’t speak the progressive globalist line is now not just the purveyor of fake news and hatred but a political decedent?

I hear China is into this sort of thing in a big way…


They were going to interview Tommy Robinson and we’re detained because apparently Tommy Robinson is the KKK in the UK for calling out Muslims.

Also not surprised that the State Department is letting an American citizen sit in jail over there. They left our brave men in Benghazi to die too.


Who’s in charge of State?


It’s likely this issue hasn’t seen Tillersons desk… This problem we have seen before in various agencies; junior grades making decisions based on their own political bent.



I’m glad these shills and right wing lightweights have been locked up.

Its time Lauren’s soy boy beta white male Patreon financed trip of hunting for muslim refugee dick around Europe came to an end.


So why is Tillerson not dealing with this, hmm. You want to say that Hillary was responsible for State when she was SOS, and Tillerson is not. :joy::joy::joy::joy: