The Start Of The Typical Kim Bait and Switch?


And the purpose of diplomacy is to extend a crisis.

Seems to be working fine.


Kim knows DJT is vested in the summit, easily discernible from his tweets, Kim will extract the most from attending the summit alone. DJT has weakened his hand for an event that will get air time. Kim’s intent is no good which is obvious from him reneging.


DTJ is going to fall hard to this guy. It’s sad, I’m leaving while I still can, I suggest you do the same. I proudly wrote in JOHN KASICH for president. Will YOU follow me into the dark?


If Lil Rocket Man is worried about invasion, he knows denuclearizing, shutting his mouth, and keeping the meeting is his best bet.


This is it… And Trump just doesn’t get that while he has the power to get things done, his ego in pronouncing himself ‘The Greatest’ causes him to overplay his hand. I to believe his was on the road to achieving something potentially very good but the minute someone mentioned ‘Nobel Prize’, he went off the rails… ‘Mission Accomplished’!


That is correct. The left-leaning leadership of S. Korea may be the problem in the near future, and the final “goal” may not be just the denuclearization of N. Korea as the US pushed for, but a complete unification of Korea.

Essentially, the US is not walking into the meeting with S. Korea as an “ally”, but as something else, as the recent prim mnister of S. Korea Moon has been resisting the US for awhile

And lets not forget the culty first female president not long ago that reigned over S. Korea, only to be put behind bars after corruption charges emerged. That was only last year. sounds a lot of a certain candidate and almost president.


I would hope that the SK voter’s not reelect the Asian version of Schmobama before any possible reunification occurs. :poop:


Already happened.


Little Rocket Man (LRM) knew that the yearly US/South Korea war games were about to happen when he agreed to meet at the DMZ and step into South Korea holding hands with South Korean President Moon Jae.

LRM is a sly snake. He’s already backed out of meeting with Jae and will do the same regarding Trump, using the annual war games as an excuse…and the fact that sanctions against North Korea have yet to be lifted. His promise to dismantle the nuclear test site is meaningless. It was rendered useless during his hydrogen bomb test…which made a bigger kaboom than expected.

According to Chinese academic reports, North Korea’s most recent nuclear test in September of what Pyongyang said was a hydrogen bomb, was so large it triggered a collapse inside the mountain, rendering the entire site unusable for future tests.

Trump still deserves accolades for getting this far with the little man.

I doubt President Trump cares about the Nobel Peace Prize as it has been rendered meaningless ever since Obubba received it simply for being our first black Muslim President and merely thinking about peace.


He probably doesn’t care specifically about the award itself but he is enough of a narcissist that people chanting ‘Nobel… Nobel’ are enough to get his head spinning. Knowing the way Kim is, I think Trump poked him in the eye a couple of times to many with tweets that sounded like forgone conclusions of success. Kim has an ego too and the world knows how he plays this game. Unless Trump has the ability to really put the screws to Kim, he should have played to Kims ego rather than his own.


I think that is what he was doing when he praised Kim after the three hostages were released…yet the MSM and the liberal talking heads got all torqued up about it.

I also think we should not lift a single sanction until NK is completely denuclearized. Then we should help them build their electrical distribution infrastructure, roads, bridges…whatever aid we can offer other than loads of cash or other liquid assets.


After a few hundred thousand more NK’s starve to death lil Kim’s sister will remind him about the summer Olympics and his opportunity to watch teams of Rodman’s jump up and down in tight shorts.
That should do it, he’ll be back at the table with a leash in his mouth.


This is the way NK does business.

Look what good people we are, give us things. When it’s made clear that they will have to first give, they back out of any potential embarrassing deal.

As a side note, NK would easily give up it’s testing site as it’s collapsing and may already be venting radiation. One dead would be for cleanup help.


Communist China is probably “advising” Lil Kim to make the trip to Singapore and negotiate a compromise with President Trump because the consequences of no deal wouldn’t be "pleasant "
Maybe if the people working on his nukes starve to death,he would change his mlnd. The sanctions are killing the economy and with little access to foreign exchange, the nuke research is in jeopardy.
The Commie Chinks know how tough Trump can be and he doesn’t fool around. Trump is extending a helpful hand to help NKs people and Lil Kim better take it because the alternative isn’t good .:dragon_face:


I am offended by your crude comment as my daughter is Chinese.

Perhaps you would like me to refer to your family with as much disrespect.


LouMan,I didn’t make any reference to your daughter. If you read my thread I wrote COMMIE CHINKS referring to the Communist Chinese and no one else .If you took it the wrong way, I apologize ,but again reread the thread. I’m Anti-communist and there’s no apology needed for the context I used in.
If I had Asian children or family,I would be upset if someone used that word to describe, degrade or insult them. I understand in some ways how you feel because I’m married to an Italian and Portuguese woman. A lot of ignorant narrow minded or just plain idiots would call her family Puerto Ricans.
Luckily no one called our son that. If so, they would’ve a BIG PROBLEM.:child:


Chinese is Chinese.

And she came from Communist China, Anhui Provence, Hefei. which makes her as you say a commie chink which I find offensive.


Use of the word chink can be offensive whether preceded by commie or not. It is a denigrating substitute for the word Chinese.

Same goes for dago, wop, spic, etc. They can all be offensive whether accompanied by and adjective or not.


LouMan,I conceded to your point of view. At least give me some credit for the whole body of the thread. As you can see,I’m not against owning up to my mistakes or a wrong choice of words. There was never ANY intent to hurt anyone but there’s a difference between Communist and non- communist people.



Visiting China, most Chinese are just trying to live their life and exist. Few are communist or even know what it means. They are oppressed and don’t know it.

The Lantern Festival.