The UK and the US Should Stop Trading with Argentina over the Falkland Island Dispute


The US and the UK need to end all foreign aid to Latin America starting with Argentina.

These parasites need to learn their place. Or, in solidarity with our UK allied we should end all trade the Argentina then trade heavily with Chile just to rub it in.


This is all about the oil. Argentina wants the oil fields and the UK will not give them up, nor should they. The British have controlled the Falkland Islands since the 1600s long before Argentina ever existed.


It would be completely impossible for Argentina to ever claim sovereignty over the Falklands.


Argentina will do nothing and the UK should double the size of the military population on the island immediately.


Or the UK can do the right thing and end their racist imperialist pursuits and return land that rightfully belongs to the people of Argentina - who happen to be brown.


There you go again. The UK isn’t holding on to this island because they have some sort of racial motivation to, they are holding it because it’s a part of their overseas territory, is largely uninhabited, and contains natural resources.


Excellent you totally ignore history and the ownership of land.

Opting out to call racism instead of facing the reality of the world today.

Why is it the left always sees every issue as an issue of racism.

Perhaps another reason America has largely rejected the democrats in the governorship’s, the House, the senate and now the presidency.