The Ultimate Uranium One & Fusion GPS Primer


Twitter user NavyJack thinks he knows just what is going down. This thread is from November, 2017- how much of this is just now becoming breaking news?

Speculation is as speculation does, and whether or not NavyJack has it nailed down exactly right or not, his thread is a fascinating exploration into the machinations of the so-called Deep State. I guess we've all moved on from calling it the Military-Industrial Complex, as the MIC is no longer engaged in the Cold War, and so the power players have shifted to other fields.

The leaks that are coming out from unnamed sources at the Department of Justice and the FBI could be morsels thrown overboard to keep us satisfied while the real prey gets away clean. Here's the initial analysis NavyJack made back in November.

At Right Side News we'll be following the threads closely, ready to bring analysis when the murky waters clear.

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Far too many shady deals by the Clinton’s . The politicalize FBI can only hide their blatant bias so long before ALL are exposed !


You could always sort through the threads that are here too…


Fusion GPS is a hot mess for the dems and the FBI ! The FBI must clean house once the true facts come to light , they paid for part of the BS and then made sure the media got the story and then issued BS FISA warrants to allow , what is known to be , illegal wire taps and surveillance . The FBI intended to interfere with a presidential election .


The fake dossier funded by Democrats , DNC and the FBI spurred on the Russia investigation and was in many ways the impetus for the probe, this calls into question the entire legitimacy of the investigation. In addition, it would confirm in many ways what President Trump has been saying all along: that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is in fact nothing but a political witch hunt meant to nullify the 2016 elections. A phony dossier used as justification to spy on American citizens, used to spin up investigations that are illegitimate, all wrapped in whisper and rumor campaigns and anonymously sourced stories. We are burden with a deeply corrupt Department of Justice and FBI badly in need of reform sooner rather than later !


TIL we have better information here than the twitter experts who just reword research they find elsewhere.


Yep, we are. As we’ve fairly recently re-launched the site, manpower is at a premium.


I’ve found that with most of the social media pundits. They read forums and blog comment sections then just compile whatever they read with the reactions of the OPs. They are just in it for the money.


Prior to the Obama administration approving the very controversial Uranium One deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of America’s Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin.


Hey Lynn… where you been… Happy New Year :fireworks:


NavyJack is a Cernovich conspiracy theory supporter. Virtually everything he says on the Trump/Russia issues turns out to be wrong.


Comey leaked the memo because he was in on Trump’s plan to hire Mueller and it was the catalyst to get him appointed to investigate Clinton.



That theory has been floating around out there. That’s what that private Trump and Comey meeting could have been about because after that meeting Comey was basically packing up all his shit and leaving the FBI and based his departure on having his feelings hurt after the meeting. Comey and Mueller are also best friends and if they were both tired of the Clintons getting away with the most heinous shit and wanted to put a stop to it then this would have been the best play. It also could explain why all of the Mueller team investigators who were sympathetic to Clinton were ousted and all of their private text messages leaked - now all of the investigations on Clinton are getting launched.