The Unflattering Truth


There’s an ugly truth here that I don’t think a lot of us want to look at -

Some of us white folks - I hope still a minority of us - actively, urgently want non-whites to continue to be repressed. Some of us really think it’s great that non-whites risk being killed by the white power structure, or being arrested and imprisoned/detained and possibly deported, whenever they leave their homes. Some of us are fine with a world where if non-whites behave in a manner that calls attention to them, bad things can happen to them – at the hands of the white majority legal authority structure.

Men and women with badges, most of them white, may well come and shoot non white people who act out. Or beat them. Or arrest them and take them away and imprison them somewhere.

And many white people are okay with this. They think it’s fine.

And many of the rest of us don’t really care that much. I mean, we care, sure we do, it bothers us, but still. It’s not happening to us, or anyone we know, or that we’re really attached to, so we’re not going to make much (or any) effort to really do anything about it.

Professional athletes kneeling for the National Anthem is not an issue of patriotism or personal feelings of support for the military or even the President. It’s a protest of a world in which non-whites have to live their lives afraid of the official authority structure, which is majority white.

And, sadly, as is normal to most human beings, most of us white folks really don’t give a shit because it’s not something that impacts us personally.

This is the truth of the matter.


Plucking that out of context… Isn’t that a synopsis of how most of the world’s major problems come about, and why they persist? Take any of the world’s protracted problems or historic atrocities, plug in what you just said, and how often will it be a bad fit?


Give me a fucking break with this shit.

Where did you cook up this crap. Do me a favor, don’t rip bongs and sit in oppressed lesbian drum circles for at least a month before logging in and posting your diary entries. Okay?

Minorities consistently have it better than whites in this country. They have countless programs to give them whatever they want, they get hired into good paying jobs they don’t deserve because of diversity quotas, they get accepted into competitive schools for the same reason, despite having low test scores (Asians are the exception), and then when something doesn’t go their way they scream racism, everyone reacts, and they scam massive settlements to shut the fuck up.

When you get out into the real world, let me know if it works differently than that.


Never. But it’s just something I think a lot of us prefer not to think about.

It’s like the guy in the band who had spent his whole life foursquare for the 2nd Amendment, until the Vegas shooter actually started shooting at him and people he knew.

As long as we don’t care because it’s not happening to us, it will keep happening, and as better people than me have noted, by the time it is happening to us, there won’t be anyone else left around to care.


What the fuck are you talking about ? The Police protect millions and you want to talk about the very few rouge cops that slip though the system . Why do blacks resist arrest , swallow drugs , illegally carry weapons ? Why do blacks kill blacks at such a high rate ? Are they just violent by nature ? The most dangerous place at night in ANY City today is MLK Blvd.!!!


I wish I could disagree with this, but I cannot. Maybe it feels too big? I read once that we tend to approach problems differently when we think we can fix them, versus if we think we can only improve things on the margins. Don’t know.

It seems to me that the solution is to foster a real sense of community or kinship with the victims. Then it’s not them being oppressed, but us. I always thought mixed race children would ultimately be the solution to racism, I mean, how can you support or tacitly allow such abuse when it’s your child, your grandchild, your neighbor? I’ve seen it happen in microcosm.

I have few ideas for how to foster that connection, but I know it works. Maybe if Russian propaganda can stir up hatred, maybe campaigns of a different kind can influence our better natures?


White guilt on display in all its radiant beauty.

Go peddle this H S somewhere else.


Perhaps the racism of White people would decrease dramatically if:

Black people would behave in a fashion that is friendly, and genuine- at least to the extent White people do.
Black people would stop making excuses for rampant criminality.
Black fathers would stay and raise the children they produce while being mac daddies in da’ hood
Black employees would work just as hard as White employees, and not be so clannish on the job.
Black children would be encouraged to focus more on academics instead of ballin’
Black people would no longer call each other ‘oreo’ for behavior consistent with success.
Black people would stop listening to thumpa thumpa thumpa at 120 db in their poorly maintained hooptis.

There will always be the occasional well meaning oaf who asks to touch hair or some other silliness, but in the main, Blacks who adopt the above behaviors tend to succeed, and are liked by their neighbors. My previous next door neighbor was a Black family. Christmas eve day the father came by with his son and a plate of cookies for my wife and I, as we were the first to welcome them to the neighborhood. He told me that exactly one year prior, a car slammed into the tree in front of his home in Long Beach, and a Black gangbanger bled out in the car, having been in a gunfight with another gang. He started looking in Orange County the day after Christmas.
He is a great guy, and works hard. Their home fell into a bit of disrepair due to stress- his LB home he rented out, had been turned into a crack-house, and in six appearances before a judge- the judge granted continuances each time to the defense lawyer (liberals at work on the bench).

You can’t force people not to make patterns based on data, and experience, and shaming, or worse snarky race baiting will only prolong racism and its effects. Only a fool believes that by insulting someone into silence, that you’ve also won their agreement.


It’s people like you Espo who are destroying this country.


I guess if everyone cared about the plight of working class workers of any color there wouldn’t be free trade or illegal immigrants ! Both steal jobs and resources the working class needs ! The best and most effective way to fight crime in America is to reduce poverty !


Yeah…we are the problem.


I’m not disagreeing with this at all, but this is not a new thing. It’s been this way here since this continent was settled. And if you look at the history of human culture in total, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, language, religion, or geography are literally universal. There are no peoples on this earth who aren’t guilty of it.


That is the crux of the problem today and the why conversation ends in this country when the left begins calling people deplorable, racist etc.


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There should be a law that keeps people from wearing tight clothing.


Sorry but most of it is justified and not anything to do with race and plenty to do with lifestyle choices and breaking the law.


Wtf??? You broad brush an entire people that way and then blame white racism on the black race. I’m glad you guys lay this shit out in the open.