The Unflattering Truth


Oh boy here goes the white guilt tripping. Please dont.


So you based your reply on one line- what a surprise. Perhaps I should have articulated that lots of Black people do behave very nicely- better than a lot of White people. The fact remains those Black people suffer the racism that the other behavior engenders.

But by all means, ignore the rest that I wrote in the op, and twist it into ‘all’ Black people.

Except that I blamed it on behavior of a portion of the Black race, and gave the example of my former neighbor, as being one who suffered for that behavior of others.


You said that if black people behaved like white people…

And btw, I don’t think that you quoted all of my post, which is fine, we quote the part that we want to respond to hmm, shrug.


Hmmm. At one time they called it cherry picking.


The biggest broad brush load of shit I’ve ever seen. What a disgrace and window into one of the chief reasons that America is washed up.


@Espo I went through your posts. You mentioned being Jewish. Want to chat about Jewish privilege and the 6 gorillion?


Indeed. In fact it can be seen in the very way the arriving Europeans set about doing it.


I think he was talking just as much about the highly violent centuries that preceded the intrusion of Europeans. The myth of the peaceful Indian is just that, a myth. Big tribes enslaved and killed smaller tribes. Tribal nations warred against each other… Human nature is what it is… despite the progressive believe that if you just apply enough state pressure, people will eventually submit… No body believe the guy at the top deserves it and everyone wants a seat at the table… even if it requires a little violence to get a chair.


What are you talking about here???


Wow!!! More evidence of just how polarized America is. If “United we stand” then we most surely are falling.


I see you didn’t include the rest of my post- guess it didn’t fit your narrative-shrug


Well see… when you have half the country kneeling… it is hard to stand together, now isn’t it. Most of the people who have been convinced that they are a victim, are only a victim because of the degrading and demoralizing drivel they hear every day from their propaganda ministry.


I guess you haven’t seen that many broad brush statements if that’s the worst you’ve seen. America is not, as yet , washed up - at least we can still, for now, point out the foibles of another group without being imprisoned for not falling into line politically.
Black people who have pulled themselves into the mainstream, and see their kids making it despise the same behaviors, but because I’m White I can’t comment - surprise, - adults can have disagreement without calling each other a “disgrace”.
By the way- watch Chris Rock say the same, but harsher, and watch the audience reaction- a Black audience: - You see Monte - they know.
If we can’t discuss a problem honestly, without some self righteous virtue signaler trying to shame the conversation into silence, we’ll only harden attitudes. Do you really believe that the left’s constant promotion of ‘critical race theory’, and protest,/riots, shouting down speakers, calling anyone conservative a racist- improved race relations?

Consider- the kind of self important call people names until they are silent worked so well that Donald F***ing Trump won the Presidency and the Dems were clobbered in other offices.

You can shame/assault/insult someone into silence, but only a fool thinks he’s made progress that way.


I commented on the part I cared about, shrug.


It’s called cherry picking as done so well by the left.