The United States Should Legalize Prostitution

We should legalize prostitution. It would be economically beneficial. Along with this, it’d make prostitution much safer and accessible. There would probably be fewer rapes and forced blowjobs too. Everyone wins if prostitution was legalized. I also think Trump would support this.

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No. Because it’s exploitive of women and it’s a moral drain on society. I could care less about muh GDP.

It’s going to happen either way we might as well protect them.

That’s a defeatist position. No.

Does that mean they won’t get pregnant or anything?

Look, I’d happily try to eliminate it completely but as long as there is a motive of profit prostitution will continue.

Nymphomaina is created by society’s who reject traditional morality, and thus because women are liberated they think that it is acceptable to sell their body.

Teens and adults will do oral sex and become atheists, yeah, yeah sure. Good idea, fucking… Good…

I completely want to eliminate the exploitation of women however I see no way to do it so I want to protect them the most I can.

Morals change, at no point do we need to continue traditional morals. We need to continue justifiable morals

Removing the demand and supply of prostitution starts at the root of what causes sexual hedonism to occur in the first place.

Sexual hedonism is not a major issue. Women and men have the absolute moral justification to use their bodies as they wish, however, the key bit is if they wish.

Is a moral structure justified in the sense that it teaches men and women to act in away that it would be repulsed by prostitution.

Sexual hedonism is not an issue? Pffft. Look at the divorce rates in the west, the growth of the LGBT and BDSM community.

If you give men and women the ability to be their own moral actors. Do children have the agency to be their own moral actors?

LGBT and BDSM are completely fine to exist and the rise in divorce rates is because of the means of which we use sexuality.

That example shows your doublethink.

Children do not have the mental capacity to make those choices.

Men and women adults have the absolute right to treat themselves as they wish.

So you are in favor of restricting morality based on circumstance then.

Children are able to chose their own morals to believe though

If they aren’t their own moral actors, what are they?

But every parent attempts to push their own morals on their children and will restrict their ability to act on those morals

Since they parents birthed them and have the most control over them, are they therefore the property of the parents?