The vain hope that Mueller will do it for us


See my comments above… Democrats hated him after the election… remember?.. his actions cost Hillary the election?


The IRS, would have been all over it if that were the case.

The election of Trump has pointed put a sick society as we see every day from the hat filled comments especially from the left.

The lefts attitude of I know what best for the entire country is beyond sick.


I think his own party has been trying to fix that.


Drama queen???


Two of Trump’s sons publically admitted that the empires financing is mostly Russian. After half a dozen bankruptcies in America, he was left without further financing here. I mean how many times can you fuck over people and organizations that way. Russian money laundering enterprises in the US have been prosecuted before. I agree with you that Trump is afraid of his tax returns becoming public. He and HRC both will be wearing orange jump suits.