The voicee of reason for the Democratic party?




Why can’t you figure out that both republicans and democrats do this.

The TIC promised us he was going to pay off our national debt in his eight years in office. Said balanced budgets were easy, to get your vote!!!

Instead, he’s adding to it just like the Obama years.


That bus left the station when the demo party adopted the progressive movement as it’s platform.


Where is there a " Voice of Reason" within the Democratic Party.


Try these on for size !


Well then, the same could be asked of the Republican Party. Over three hundred million people in the country and we can’t draw out a few good ones for leadership.




Four criminals…


Yeah, Those Lberal Wackos really out shine the Republicans and are Paragons of Virtue and should be leading the country.
While not Perfect, the Repubs are Far better at governing the country.


The first two are donating there time working free ! thought you libs loved free ?


Happy that you see the Democrats the same way I do.


It is a thing of the past. Seems to have left the building with the expansion of progressives like Monte in 2008.


Reason is a perspective isn’t it.


I see most all of them that way. Been pointing out forever that it’s past time to do something different. The collapse of America however cannot be tied to any one thing, there’s so much working at the same time, and American voters are a part of the blame as the next president and the next is bound to be another democrat or republican and I watch people bitch and complain on both sides more than ever and yet they continue to walk into the polling booth and vote for more of the same.