The Voluntaryist: Front Range Non-Aggression


I keep getting more interested in the concept of voluntaryism and I recently discovered this online newspaper. To read the issues, click on media.

The people that make it describe themselves as:

We’re inhabitants of the geographical region of the Rocky Mountains known as the Front Range, and here to source local libertarians, economists, philosophers, and liberty lovers everywhere to dispel the myths and fallacies emanating from the government and the media. We’re here to inspire and support the liberty movement to bring about a change in public opinion; the duping in which the idea and existence of statism ultimately rests upon. We hope for this paper to exist as a forum and a voice for the more radical ideas of liberty. The battle is an ideological one, and we’re here to stand behind the principles of liberty: Self-ownership / Private Property / Non-aggression / Anti-state / Free Markets

They define voluntaryism as:

Voluntaryism is a political philosophy which states that the initiation of violence against people or property, i.e. aggression, is never morally justified, and recognizes that such aggression is the very foundation of the State.

Is anyone else interested in this?


Voluntaryist Rap


Voluntaryism is AWESOME. We engage in it every day. It is one of the foundations that grew the USA. Capitalism relies on it. My job is a voluntary exchange of my time and skills for a paycheck and benefits, if either party becomes unhappy they can separate.


“Good ideas don’t require force!”

“Go tell that to the bad ideas!”


Militant Libertarian: “Yes it does if force is required - Such as physically removing you from trespassing on my property, you fucking Communist.”


That’s a fair point. A lot of people have been migrating over to Hoppe Libertarianism.


I keep hearing about “physical removal” but I don’t really understand what it means beyond the general sense of physically removing something or someone. Can you give me a rundown? Why is it important to some? What does it really even mean?


That guy covered a lot of ground!


Here watch this


Voluntaryism is as much make believe as market socialism.