The Whole Transgender BS Must End Now



Confusion begets madness


Its actually quite sad in regards to the athletic field.

Men who can’t compete on an even playing field with fellow men, can merely claim they “identify as female” and then proceed to curbstomp women in competition.

This basically shits on any females who bust their arse in training to be as good as they can be - to be beaten by an actual man in a female competition.

What’s the point of having a “female” category in sport if its going to be infested with men who think they are women?


Lol. Being born with male plumbing and a female heart and brain is a disorder not as glamorous as you suggest. Also, just so you know, that’s not the only way transgender happens.


This is where you can open your mouth and insert your foot.

I am a female. The vast majority of my interests online and IRL are predominantly the realm of men, and my intelligence and thinking style is more the realm of what would be considered akin to men as well.

To suggest I am somehow “trans” because I have a male-oriented brain is quite frankly, laughable - and quite bluntly, offensive.

Or, as I say: “A dog born in a stable is not a horse”.

“Transgenderism” in society today is more akin to “transtrenderism” - or better known as “attention whoring” or “mental illness”.


Wow, the typical lack of compassion and understanding born out on the right daily. A true transgender that doesn’t receive relief by reassignment is suffering. You may enjoy the half and half that you describe, but it’s not all rosy for many.


You mean body dysmorphia, which is a legitimate mental illness which requires treatment?

Getting reassignment surgery is akin to allowing an anorexic to have gastric bypass surgery.


That is your calloused opinion. You should be thankful you don’t suffer what some few people do.


That is your calloused opinion.

No, it is pure, unadulterated fact.


Proven wrong on a daily bases.


And your so-called article “proving” such a point is nothing but hearsay, opinion and conjecture. There are no facts in said article. “Two decades of brain research have provided hints of a biological origin to being transgender, but no irrefutable conclusions” is merely an opinion written in weasel words, not fact.

Secondly, any “research” you are pointing to, is set to happen at some vague point in the future.


Wrong, and here’s another.

These are scientific studies. You and I express opinion. :blush:


Transgenderism is a mental disorder. It was treated as such until people cucked to the pressure of mainstream media and virtue signaling sjws. This is the slippery slope Obama asked for with gay marriage. Normalizing abnormal behavior has consequences, and we’re seeing them play out right now.


Yes indeed it’s a disorder that was treated differently in the past than it is today. The same can be said about a host of disorders and diseases. That’s the nature of advancements in science. Demonstrate the Christian values that you guys masquerade behind and show some empathy for people who are born with genetic inconsistencies and disorders. Not everyone can be as perfect as you.


That is merely a blog post full of opinions, with no actual biobliography to back it up. Just bc its from doesnt mean its valid: it has not been through the peer-reviewed process to finalize into a paper yet. Read a real paper, illiterate bernie bot, not jsut the head line.


There is a difference between showing compassion and letting the inmates run the prison. We should be investing in ways for these people to get the therapy they need instead of encouraging them to cut off their genitals. Ever thought of that?


That’s part of the therapy that apparently you don’t understand. And as long as nobody’s cutting off your taco, what harm is being done to you, hmm?


You have no choice. Perhaps your all powerful god could heal them and remove their disorders. In the meantime, waiting for that, it’s going to be dealt with scientifically and they are going to be accommodated, the alt right hatred notwithstanding.


Not to me, but to my kids, when these mentally damaged people start demanding “equal representation” in children’s teaching materials. Misery loves companies.



Cutting off your dick is part of the therapy? Hmmm that is news to me, what kind of medically approved therapy is this? Also, yeah it does have an impact on me when these mentally unfit people are touring elementary schools showing children how fun it is to be transgender and teaching them how to dress in drag. It also impacts me if these unfit, non-deployable individuals get their reassignment surgery on the American tax dollar. I pay taxes, do you?