The Whole Transgender BS Must End Now


It’s hard to heal someone when they make the choice to be ill. Also hard to heal them when people like you are encouraging them to be the mess that they are. Ever wonder why so many trannies attempt suicide? And you want this in the military? You clearly never served, paid taxes, or had a child.


I can understand that that would be, and that having read none of the studies on the subject, you would be surprised about that and what they do after that.


Oh dear, keep on, you’re really revealing your lack of knowledge and empathy for the situation. Perhaps you should find something else to bitch about.


You don’t have any knowledge, all you have is sjw academia opinions.


What they do after that? You mean when they have to dilate to forcefully teach their body that they no longer have their naturally created genitals?


Bitch on buddy, but America’s not going to be drawn backwards by the TIC and his associates, watch and see.


Drawn backwards? We’re being drawn back to the pre-obama destruction of this country. Watch and see little cuckmeister.


Thats very rich coming from the illiterate bernie bot. Good news for you, the new tax plan will get you a bigger tax return, so you can afford to shill from a laptop maybe instead of your tablet.


Want to end the trans LOL enlistments?

End all surgeries and treatments.

No more peeping boys showering with the Women.


And there it its… the standard line that progressives use to prevent discussion and rectification of ANYTHING that has gone wrong in the pass in the name of ‘progress’…


Another Trump associate that can only hold his tongue for a few posts. It’s ever obvious why the nasty name calling, jabbing and attacking TIC, has you guys on his side, shrug.


I know a guy here in the UK that is deeply disturbed by his nose… While it isn’t… grotesquely large… it is … shall we say, formidable. The NHS won’t fix it !! They will however offer him counseling so that he can learn to live with the reality of his existence rather than take valuable resources away from people who actually need them.

Just because science can alter a persons appearance … nothing… will change the binary results of a blood test and indeed, the only genetic link found to the preference for gay partners and by extension the desire to be another sex ‘appears’ (at the present state of research) an appearant formational deficiency in the brain shared by all gays in this particular research but not seen in hetero’s examined.

We can debate all day long if people who wish to be gay or people who wish to play dressup have a right to do that… and I will say that while I don’t believe that mainstream acceptance of the lifestyle is healthy, thus far their is no evidence that a persons desire to be the other sex or sleep with the same sex is anything more than a similar preference for comedy shows and dramas…


Shrug, progress to one is a laughable joke to many.




This is the typical go to.


Sadly, perhaps I am…


What does having non-whites in the military have to do with sick people who don’t know if they are a boy and a girl? Comparing this to race is just another attempt by the left to normalize sickness.


No the idea is not new, but it is a fact, something liberals have a lot for trouble with.


The armed forces of the United States of America is not the place to experiment with social engineering !
Combat readiness is the mission and killing destroying shit is the job !
Should Transgender Americans be Allowed in the Military? Not So Fast: Military Readiness Has to be First Concern

Every individual in uniform must be able to deploy, fight and win in austere conditions, without any reliance on a daily flow of medications, medical treatment or special provisions.

From 2001-2003, when I commanded a brigade with responsibilities for basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, I saw a constant flow of individuals who failed to meet the medical requirements for military service. At the time, the most common reason for failure was asthma. Sometimes it was a pre-existing condition that had been missed during the initial physical. Sometimes the asthma developed only after the person engaged — for the first time in his or her life — in hard physical exertion.

All of these young Americans desperately wanted to serve their country. But the requirements were crystal clear: If soldiers were going to need continuing medical attention to treat their condition or if there was a question about whether they would be able to serve in the harshest of battlefield conditions, they were not allowed to join. Even an individual with sleep apnea, who needed only a device that required access to electrical power, was ineligible.
Which brings us to the president’s decision regarding transgender individuals and the military. Certainly, their desire to serve is laudable. But desire to serve does not, of itself, answer the fundamental question of whether a transgender individual’s service helps or harms military readiness.

These individuals would need medical treatments — hormone therapies and, often, surgeries and the accompanying recovery times — throughout the duration of their service. On this basis alone, under existing rules applicable to all, they would not be allowed to join.
Are transgender individuals as mentally resilient and as able to withstand the extreme stresses of the harsh crucible of combat as non-transgender individuals? Some studies report that transgender individuals attempt suicide and experience psychological distress at rates many times the U.S. national average. To be clear, this is self-reported data, not data gleaned from rigorously controlled, clinical tests. But at this time, these survey results are the best available data. It would be both irresponsible and immoral to place such individuals in a position where they are exposed to the additional extraordinary stresses and pressures of the battlefield.
“Our decision to delay the accessions … was largely based on a disagreement on the science of how mental health care and hormone therapy for transgender individuals would help solve the medical issues that are associated with gender dysphoria.”

These concerns should be fully resolved before our country goes forward with any change in longstanding policy. The stakes are too high to experiment with our national defense or to inadvertently cause harm to those wishing to serve.


I give my opinion as a French and what happens here in France. sexual orientation is one thing but now you do not know who is who male or female
This fashion, if I may say so, surely does not think of a simple couple of a man and a woman with children?
And this is simply imposed


Transgenderism is a mental disorder, these people belong in psychiatric institutions where they can be given the professional psychological help they need with their illness.