There Will Now Likely Be Two Democratic Socialists of America Members in Congress


Ummmm…what don’t you understand? Democratically elected socialists and socialist policies.


A socialist is a socialist policies and all

There is little choice in their policies

Maybe democratic republican or democratic democrats makes the same sense


Youre describing the National Socialist German Workers’ Party i.e. the Nazi Party. Are you advocating for such, you NAZI?!


What’s telling? That’s who they support, shrug.



In the conversation about socialists, those who embrace it range from ‘don’t worry, it’s just for social services and a bit higher taxes’ to ‘I can’t wait to personally take all your belongings’.

The problem with socialism is that unlike capitalism, it does not require a free people, and so a free market. Socialism is not Scandinavia, though they do have some things funded by the government, with tax rates that drive out many of the very successful. Scandinavia, France, etc. are still capitalist countries with some socialist looking tax rates and govt. services.

Real socialism is Venezuela. It started as the poor ‘sticking’ it to the man, yo!’ and power to the mo, er, people!’ Because there are no checks and balances once socialists have power, those at the top naturally become tyrants, defending their turf.

Real socialism is Vietnam, where the poor overtook the evil, corrupt regime and replaced it with a ‘people’s paradise’ complete with re-education camps for those evil capitalists.

Real socialism is Cambodia, where the agrarian revolution to equalize all people made it’s first order of business exterminating anyone with education - even with glasses- including children.

You can make the argument that all those are not socialism, but they all started as socialism, and the progression into misery is inevitable.


You guys constantly confuse economic systems with government system. Regulated capitalism doesn’t go anywhere. We are already hugely a democratic socialist country with a capitalist economy. The republic evolved long ago.


There’s no democracy in Venezuela.


Let us grant good intentions to today’s cadres of democratic socialists. Let us assume they are thinking positively.
No matter. No good intentions or positive thoughts will overcome how reality works.
The destructive outcomes of socialism will follow as history repeats itself.

Argentina is the perfect ignored example of socialism at work.


“Here guys, replace your confusions with mine. The USA is a socialist country, m’kay?!”


There’s different types of socialism


The problem is “socialism” “communism” and “capitalism” are polysemantic , no two people can agree on their meaning.

Socialism , the basic definition is the social ownership of the means of production and the profits is divided by either the social community or the workers in that business.

A socialist state/government/party is not the same as a socialist society.
There has never been a socialist society, there have been countries run by socialists party and government and look at the mess theyve caused.

Same thing with Communism, there is a difference between a communist society as envision by Marx and Engels vs a communist state as you saw in the Former Soviet union, Cuba, China, Laos , North Korea, and they are really Marxist-Leninist states and the people are never free.

Capitalism in its truest form is a laissez faire society, and that doesn’t exist has existed.
America was the first country in the Industrial age that was the closest to Laissez faire and looked how she prospered.

Laissez faire means no government interference in the markets, in a true laissez faire society, Central banking doesn’t exist, Corporations doesn’t exist, Regulation exists but it doesn’t interfere in the market economy and its govern by common law not legislative law.

All economies today are hybrids, there is no pure socialists, communists, or capitalists countries .

Some countries are just freer than others, the United states is freer than European countries which is freer than most Latin American Countries which is more freer than most African Countries and so on .



Heres a professor from Denmark, and an immigrant, debunking the myth that Nordic countries are “socialist”


No matter how many facts you post the full monte will always ignore them and continue on the I’m always right crusade.


Without a good constitution and a democratic process yeah, perhaps.


Two?..2, that scares you.:roll_eyes:


I’m pretty sure all Democrats support the nazi paltform check out Denish De Sousa video on VICE.
Democrats are against free speech, more regulation.

What republican is against free speech do you have a name?


Still dancing around trying to seem like your contributing bit remain on the side lines with your opinion.


Btw, there’s a reason why Bernie Sanders articulated his position as he did and it’s completely dishonest of you to point to failed dictatorships in Latin America calling them socialist countries and then bashing socialism based on them. Sanders was regularly clear about American democratic socialism and made a marked differentiation from the socialism you guys like pointing to. He very clearly articulated his opposition to government controlled means of production, in deference to strictly consumer protective regulated private ownership of business/production…