Theresa May Postpones Brexit


Congrats to all of the Brits who voted to leave the EU you get to be in the EU for two more years. Further negotiations to totally not stay pending, this is what happens when a liberal woman leads negotiations.

The Prime Minister used a crucial speech in Florence to declare that Britain will cover the huge hole left in Brussels’ finances by our departure until the end of 2020 - contributing potentially another 20 billion euros.

She also said the European court could help enforce the rights of EU nationals after we formally leave the bloc - easing back a previous red line - and admitted it would not be possible to impose tougher immigration measures quickly.

But Mrs May said in return for the ‘generous’ financial contribution the UK must have full access to the single market for the next two years.


It’s painfully obvious that Britain will never leave the EU. The politicians will keep coming up with excuses to delay until enough time passes that they just quietly shut the whole thing down or initiate another vote, and in the event that the vote goes against them once again, they’ll just pivot right back to their delaying tactics.


Is anyone actually surprised by this? At this point the UK has too many financial connections to sever. Their politicians are bought and sold no different than ours.


To be honest, I never expected her to actually carry out Brexit…From what I heard, the Tories wanted to remain too. Will need @Scott to fact check me on that.

Brexit should have been a UKIP job, because only Farrage can deal with the bureaucratic onslaught.


Personally I don’t think that Brexit actually fell along party lines. People seem to have arrived at their leave/remain decision for a variety of reasons.

The common market was started as you could equate to something like the TTP and grew into a bureaucracy outside of the sovereign nation to manage it and as we know, power will always seek more power, so what started as cooperation became a mandate regime of unelected bureaucrats… What started an economic trading block expanded with a separate agreement to an open sharing of borders which turned into an attempt to reproduce a top down U.S. federal government and just as has occurred in the US, continuous pressure on the sovereign rights of the individual states.

Some people wanted law making returned to the UK, some people want control of borders back and still others saw economic nationalism to be beneficial. Young people were more opposed to leaving as they have grown up with open access to the rest of Europe for work and as we would go from one state to another.

Article 50 was triggered… Britain, unless they officially defy the outcome of the referendum, is leaving the EU… now is trying to reconcile all of the various interests nationalist and globalist as well as British vs the EU. The EU of course is not making this a painless divorce… They can’t or at least 4 other countries would bail on the idea of a United States of Europe… Someone said yesterday on the news that Theresa May has to appear confident and in charge while walking resolutely down a wobbly straight line. She of course is in the side of the Tory group that looks an awful lot like McConnell and friends… but like it or not… She is, the Prime Minister.


I am fed up of the media controlling the viewpoint of people who claim to be critical thinkers. I have had enough of having to moderate my opinions in conversations just because I may offend someone when it is based and rooted in common sense.

If they truly sat down and thought about it they would realise they are dead wrong. I am bored with people thinking that Brexit was a racist, bigoted and xenophobic idea.We are not slope headed idiots because we hold contrary opinions. Remember when having a opinion was good?

It showed individuality, creativeness and started great conversations where people could learn new things about the world from each other. I am sick of group think the word progressive is seen as the moral and ethical opinion.

When you look at it is bullying identity politics straight out of mouthpiece of communist idiots. I had my fleeting with being a socialist when I was 13 and quickly outgrew it. Just to be accepted I could not point out what was clearly wrong in stealing of people who work hard.

Well that is education for you. I have had out and out arguments with people just for holding the wrong opinion from the mainstream culture. People I have met at work and considered friends have said these opinions make me a moral monster.

I do not understand why the idea of a limited government, free speech,less to no taxes, celebrating innovation, supporting legal immigration was attacked by the left in the name of democracy. The world would be better of and not this global exploitation what we are going through.

This culture war has been happening for a long time as soon as it hit the political stratosphere it started to implode and there is to much reliance on the welfare state. To many people see the state as a authority figure. Does anyone remember healthy skepticism about the government.

I do not identify with any of of my so called representatives in government they do not talk for me and many of the rest of us. This war should be active, should be vocal and should be of the people. I am NOT calling for violence but an exchange of ideas.

Ideological wars have shaped what is our viewpoint today.If anyone does not see this as a moral and ethical thing to do. I respectively say fuck you. I am not going to be ashamed of holding a opinion which I think is right.

We gravitate to media and pop culture so that is the main place for this war to happen so if anyone out there can help me do this I hope you hear the call for a uprising.,Anyone can do it you have a phone with a camera well then you have a voice.


Conservatives going against the will of the people ???


Well LP, exactly what is it you’re after?