They cross our borders and deliver DEATH!


You do realize ALL three are a major drain on the taxpayer , there is NO profit to be made here !!!


This is a hard one… it is a situation, not unlike government dependency that is decades in the making. Everyone of these are problems either because the government saw them as a revenue stream or because the government felt it knew best and told people, ‘we are the government… we are here to help and we are going to outlaw this to protect you from yourself’… Its like legalized pot. I do absolutely understand the amount of harm it can do but I also know that I have had an occasional joint at appropriate times for the many years of my life. I have no arrests because of it, I have had no family meltdowns because of it, I kept it strictly away from my children and I don’t have a problem using it responsibly. When I was a teen I over imbibed… I gamble away a paycheck… I woke up in strange and troubling surroundings… that was my hand on a hot muffler moment. The government didn’t need to save me… I need the experience to save myself.

P.S. The thing about profit is funny. From what I can tell about the Colorado taxing scheme, the state is pushing people back into the arms of the street pusher because the state, as aways is greedy.


As more states are poised to legalize medicinal marijuana, it’s looking like dope is playing a larger role as a cause of fatal traffic accidents.
Columbia University researchers performing a toxicology examination of nearly 24,000 driving fatalities concluded that marijuana contributed to 12% of traffic deaths in 2010, tripled from a decade earlier.


What we have is the kid in a candy store syndrome… you don’t let the kids out to play until you no longer have control over them… and then expect them to act accordingly. Personal responsibility is learned over time from responsible parents… and yes, some people do use pot responsibly… That doesn’t fix the situation we are in now because of a wrong headed and government driven campaign of ‘Reefter Madness’. No one has been able to adequately study pot for the last 100 years specifically because of the overreach of a few people who wanted it classified as a drug that caused people to become violent… Right. It also killed a viable textile industry in the process.

As far as the driving statistics… one can but wonder. Have you ever seen a movie… any movie where pot is involved and they aren’t driving like cool hand luke with one hand and token with the other…

German children are allowed to drink in a bar at an early age in the company of their parent… they don’t grow up with alcohol problems.



Those are movies and how many doped up drivers drive pass red lights , go down one way streets , or enter a ramp where others are exiting , drive 20 MPH on a freeway were all others are doing 70 ? It is still a DRUG and offer used with other drugs and alcohol . I would want my young kids on the road with ANYONE using drugs . Just saying …


I’m for returning every single one back to their Countries ! They broke our laws and need to be like other immigrants and WAIT IN LINE !!! NO amnesty for any of them , dreamers have enjoyed 20 plus years of living in the USA illegally , time is up !!!


Lets just look a tobacco the government has know for sixty years it is deadly for our citizens to use it .

More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
278,544 deaths annually among men (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
201,773 deaths annually among women (including deaths from secondhand smoke)

Life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than for nonsmokers.1,2
Quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%.2

Of all the laws government impose on us speed limits safety belts drinking / texting while driving there is only one law they need pass and save 480,000 deaths annually .
If you want we can go down the sin tax list one at a time ?


They weren’t exactly truthful about the health risks of smoking.


Tobacco was a CASH COW for the government. Had the government not been protective of the tobacco industry who knows if the habit would have continued. The tax on tobacco was pure revenue stream long before the tax became a punitive one. As late as 2002 Bush phased out tariffs on tobacco products from Chile in the free trade agreement we have with them.

Tobacco use was given to us directly be the North American Indian and was sold by them as having medical uses and was for many years used as a dressing compress for wounds… Alexander Hamilton imposed the first tax on tobacco and congress adopted an official excise tax to help finance the Union war effort. States didn’t get in on the money train until th 1920’s… Government budget liked tobacco… Government put tobacco products in rations starting in WWI.

So while the government may not have been the driver of tobacco use, it was most certainly complicit… Taxes on tobacco products didn’t really start turning punitive until the 1970’s and didn’t start getting punitive until around 2000.

We know all the states but we also know that government complicity in a multitude of things and that complicity either in open support or subsides creates demand where it otherwise might not be.

You mentioned the speed limits on highways… Germany is famous for its autobahns… Of course as the country becomes more congested, sections are speed restricted… but not our government… no, it always knows best… of course it would seem that a segment of the population needs governmental hand holding just to cross the street.


By the way… are we going to get serious about alcohol again… lets have another prohibition, shall we.


Study author Professor Kent Hutchison from the University of Colorado Boulder

The university in the state that legalizes marijuana first and foremost :thinking:


The government makes far too much money in taxes on tobacco to have your health get in their way . This is government assisted suicide !


This is a favorite comparison when it comes to dope .
But that dog just won’t hunt !
People with additive personality’s may survive alcohol but dope is a death sentence !


This is one of the functions of government. The reason we have an FDA, oversight and regulation. All things that the TIC hates. Greed, if men were angels, we wouldn’t even need a constitution. :wink:


So how has that worked out so far ? shrug :roll_eyes: Did all the democratic regulation correct the problem ? :thinking: How many years have we had regulations under Obama ? Does Obama have responsibility here ? shrug :roll_eyes: We are seeing democrats going all out on selling weed for the massive taxes gained for their endless spending !!! Are the mighty dems concerned about the health effect there , they are more than willing to break our laws , typical democrats indeed !!! shrug :roll_eyes:


We can’t do that, that’s counterproductive to the people that blame GCC on overpopulation.


An unlicensed illegal immigrant was “grossly impaired” when he crashed into an ambulance and killed a 3-year-old boy, court papers say. Jose Duran Romero, 27, blew a 0.19 on a breathalyzer nearly two hours after the crash, more than twice the legal limit


Two more Americans have been slaughtered by an illegal alien who had previously been deported.
Prudencio Ramirez stands accused of killing his 18 year old girlfriend and her three year old son in Washington State