This is a very sad case


Willie Dille, city councillor in The Hague has taken her own life on Wednesday.
PVV city councilor in The Hague Willie Dille posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday in which she said that she was gang-raped by Muslims in March last year.
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So they gang-raped her, threatened the safety or family, while attacking her regularly for her political work?
Rest in peace.


Totally agree with your sentiments.
RIP Willie and may your family be safe.
Retribution against Arnoud van Doorn, a criminal without any doubt, should be sought.


Which leaves the Dutch police with some serious questions to answer.

She informed them about the alleged attack but they chose not to investigate.


Democrats that allow this are worst then nazis


One can only hope that these inbred scumbags will get caught and ass raped by a huge samoan gang bang before they are executed …


It’s POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, don’t cha know?

We’ve all got to be nice to the goddamned Islamists…even though they are intent upon forcing the entire world to assimilate to their demented theocracy.

R.I.P. Willie Dille :pray: