This Is An Interesting Proposition - But Looks More Like Urban Renewal Part 3


A pathway forward on infrastructure for President Donald Trump and Congress has emerged via a new bipartisan minority-owned public affairs firm, Breitbart News has learned, as members of both the Republican and Democratic Party on Capitol Hill are actively working to launch a different type of vehicle to fund an expansive rebuilding effort in America’s interior.
A plan crafted by Republican and Democrat members of the House of Representatives from the bases of both parties, with help from a new firm in Washington designed at its launch to foster ideas from the poles of the parties rather than the establishments of the parties, is expected to be introduced next week when lawmakers return from a President’s Day district workweek.

In fact, unlike a gas tax hike plan that the White House semi-embraced in the past week, this plan would not only not raise taxes or the deficit—it would cut into the deficit and pay for infrastructure.

I see two things about this plan that raises an eyebrow.

One of course is that it will only be financial institutions that get to bid on these federal properties rather than investors and entrepreneurs that reside in the communities where they exist. This seems to me, on the surface to be another bank bailout by stealth which would pad their balance sheets with bargain basement properties…

The second is while I see some good benefit in returning half of the profits from the auctions to the treasury in debt reduction, the half designated to be distributed to the ‘100 poorest communities’ seems a bit dubious. Of course the devil is in the detail but It is far more difficult to derive any real benefit with funds distributed to … say… republican areas of Appalachia as it would for the densely populated areas of urban centers. While the money may indeed be divided equally among these areas the impact will be far different.

This is touted as a costless ‘infrastructure’ plan and while it will likely improve the lives of some, I don’t see it as a common good infrastructure plan.


Great. Our infrastructure is now dependent upon another DC political lobbying firm comprised of political hacks who claim that their biggest accomplishment to date is how diverse their lobbying firm is. Shouldn’t our lawmakers be listening to a group that knows something about infrastructure? Maybe the American Society of Civil Engineers might be a better idea.


Looks like MAGA…


Maybe you could try adding to the conversation instead of spamming the thread.


LOL, as we continue to run a deficit, it changes absolutely nothing.


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Little other than talking points is shared and of course the usual hatred of Trump.


The ASCE (you mentioned) whose assessments I have posted at this forum on multiple occasions tell us that our infrastructure needs 4.5 trillion to bring it up to standards as it gets a D on its four year report cards in all 14 categories. So, band aids won’t work. Take the money from the useless Pentagon as they’ve wasted 7 trillion in the ME in the past 15 years (just ask Trump) and fix our infrastructure…MAGA.