This Is An Interesting Trade Spat


Trump has put tariffs on the products of Irish plane maker Bombardier… This he says is to counter the subsides Bombardier gets to price into its products… I.E. a tariff by any other name… You drop your tariff and well will drop ours. This of course is the major problem in trading with China… besides their requirement to share all technology with the state… Trump is right, if you don’t want these kinds of tariffs to your products… stop putting up tariffs via other means on ours.


Well, if their government subsidies allow them an unfair edge, we Americans have no choice. Sorry socialists, its capitalism or no deal.


These of course are types of things Trump is talking about… He isn’t an isolationist and he isn’t for protectionism as much as an opponent of a rigged game. To fix those imbalances however you have two routes… talk it out and get government out of the way or resort to tariffs. Unfortunately when you have to go the tariff route to punish the offending country, it looks a lot like protectionism and costs consumers more… but you aren’t run over by other countries using the power of government to take your jobs…


May should be very careful with these kinds of threats. A trade war with the US would hurt the UK much more than it would the US. Their global market reach just isn’t as significant or important as they think it is.


Right, and as usual, the TIC bears no responsibility. :roll_eyes:


And the rest of the story:

Boeing has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission charging Canada’s Bombardier with “dumping” its C Series narrowbody airliner at below cost into the U.S. The charges stem from the 2016 sale of 75 CS100s to Delta Air Lines. In its complaint, the U.S. company claims Bombardier sold the airplanes for $19.6 million each, or some $13.8 million less than they cost to manufacture.

“Bombardier has embarked on an aggressive campaign to sell C Series aircraft into the U.S. market at absurdly low prices—less than $20 million for airplanes that cost $33 million to produce, based on publicly available information,” said Boeing in a statement. “Notably, it is selling the aircraft into the United States at prices that are millions lower than those charged in Canada—the very definition of dumping.”

Bombardier has announced plans to boost C Series production from seven airplanes in 2016 to between 90 and 120 airplanes by 2020.

Delta’s order came six months after the province of Quebec agreed to infuse $1 billion in the financially strapped C Series program, giving it a 49.5-percent stake in a limited partnership with Bombardier. Less than a year later the Canadian federal government agreed to grant Bombardier C$372.5 million in interest-free loans for both the C Series and the Global 7000 business jet.

“Bombardier has a long history of relying on government subsidies to compete in the marketplace, but the subsidies for its C Series program dwarf all those Bombardier has received previously,” said Boeing. “Equity infusions from government coffers not only rescued the program but have given Bombardier the resources it needs to aggressively target the U.S. market.”


Pretty reminiscent of the Airbus subsidies isn’t it.

The world is all for free trade unless they want to dump products in the US lis China and solar panels.


Explain… he called out an unfair trade practice and got a reaction… to that extent he is responsible… to that he is doing his job…