This Is Most Certianly Trumps Waterloo Moment

If Trump fails at containing this our border is gone and giving that the second ‘caravan’ seems to have a large number of armed individual, they are going to have to be met with deadly force… and watch the ‘Socialist Democrats’ go nuts over any collateral damage…


he said they are not coming in

I tend to think they are not coming in

Has Trump ever said he would do something and it didn’t happen?

I do understand his intent but at some point he is going to have to treat this as an organized invasion … and that will be a huge leap when you women holding children have been pushed to the front…

he is the commander in chief. His first responsibliity as pres is to protect We the People

this is definitely an invasion. We do not want strangers crashing our gates… we know that some are criminals

2 + 2 = 4

time for the military… hope they are there already

The military is going to round them up and place all of them in tent cities.

Just like they did with Mariel boatlift back in 1980 when 125 thousand shown up at our shores.

But this time Fidel isn’t in power. :wink:

I don’t disagree with you that it would be bad optics. But we need to do something to stop this invasion. It wasn’t too long ago that we dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan. That probably was a difficult decision to make in terms of loss of life and optics…but if Trump has to take drastic action to save even one American life then his actions are justified.

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I love Trump

He cares about the common folk… well, it certainly looks like he does anyhow…

(I am cynical and tend to believe nobody cares about anybody… but in any case…)

Do you believe in rule of law?

Yes or no?

who are you asking???

(I myself don’t know how to answer…) lol

Probably the most accurate depiction of what’s going to happen. They should be placing them in the area between Mexico and the United States where a wall is established. That way they aren’t in the US properly. Ship the asylum judges down there. Deny all claims. Send them packing.

And they have already put women and children in front to cross the previous borders…

Don’t get me wrong… I agree with you. He as an individual has a very hard decision to make because it has been the actions of the last 4 elected presidents that have put him in this position and in the course of those 7 presidential administrations (28 years) we have gone from a country that overwhelmingly loved this country to one where half the people want to see out borders dissolved. An invasion of civilians is a new tactic in the world of warfare, particularly when a good many of the ‘soldiers’ don’t have a clue that they are being used as pawns in a much bigger game… but than again, I suppose one could say that of our own military since WWII…

I’m afraid their is no middle ground. The wall will and always has been built on US soil and set back in a way that maintenance crews and others can work on the barriers without encroaching on Mexican territory. That is the dilemma of our asylum laws… if they set foot on US soil which must happen before we engage them with border patrol (unless we are wiling to force our way into Mexico… and internationally agreed act of war) then the 14th amendment due process supposidly takes over. I hope in pushing his threat of an EO to end birthright citizenship the court also addresses the right of everyone the full protection of our Constitution minus the right to vote.

Off hand do you remember what laws, agencies were used to house and contain Mariel boatlift refuges?

I know they used the coast guard to intercept them at sea and local law enforcement on land.

I’m having a brain fart and Googles doesn’t seem to be much help.

What are all of you going to do when all of these migrants enter the country without any issues whatsoever? Remember the last caravan? All of those ‘scary invading brown people’ made it in just fine and America is still here. None of you keyboard warriors did anything to ‘stop’ the last caravan and you aren’t going to stop any of the THREE that are coming to the US right now! MAGA :rofl:

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LOL!!! None of them go to the border do they! You’re so right. They can’t even mobilize for the things they believe in. Even if they win some elections they still LOSE because they have no ground game.

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They callously joke about the harsh realities of separating families but they lack the ability to separate their ass from the couch.

No… Obviously the old INS did the processing… I remember that they were shipped to facilities all over the US and several of them ended up having riots. It certainly turned the culture of Southern Florida on its head.

OK, that’s about what I remembered as well.

I lived in South Florida at the time, but just got married and trying to learn a trade. I didn’t pay all that much attention at the time.

Do remember the violence etc thou. So Florida got hit hard.

Which make me wonder…are they opening up their prisons in central America as well?

As generally constitution and rule of law respecting individuals, most on the right are not predisposed to burning police cars, destroying store fronts or beating people with bike locks while with think about what we are going to teach our next philosophy class. It is said that it takes a long time to move a population to action and many times it is too late… the left have been eroding this country for about a 100 years and while you are probably right that the vast majority of the citizenry have grown complacent… They are starting to wake up and when they do It will likely be the the death throws of our constitutional republic or the end of progressivism… I’m betting on the latter.