This Is Why Communisum/Socialism Will Not Work If Their Is One Free Market Place On The Planet


ComIntern understands this… as did Trotsky… as do progressives…


Illinois, a state that was once one of the great economic powerhouses of the US is rapidly spiraling down the drain thanks to excessive taxation, social justice, and uncontrollable crime.


Death and democratic taxes , a good reason to vacate !


The only people I know in Illinois who are doing just fine are the ones in the southern half of the state who inherited land and homes from their family. They can afford to work average jobs / part-time jobs to cover the taxes and expenses of upkeep. Most people I know who were born in Chicago or its suburbs have vacated.



The level of debt and corruption in Illinois matches the level of debt and corruption in Detroit.

Did Detroit change or did it continue it’s path of destruction?


One thing that seems to be a left/right divide is that it seems like in general the right feels it’s up to the individual to end up in a position where they can participate in markets, and the absence of regulations is sort of inherently presumed to preserve the freedom of many approaches to that place whereas I feel like going more to the left more people believe that if the market can’t provide opportunities for people of varying abilities to participate in markets in a way that makes for at least a minimally fulfilling lifestyle (e.g. enough free time and money to make social connections, explore hobbies, be enfranchised) then there need to be boundary condition set on the market so that it will happen.


So it’s ok for dress designers to refuse to provide dresses to the first lady ?