This Is Why Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020


When people listen to, believe and react to this kind of pure manipulation, you just wonder about the mental rigor of the progressive left… it is a bunch of damaged puppies for sure…

The bad thing is that her bitterness is spreading this hatred all around the world…


Hillary slips down stairs twice in 32 seconds. :rofl:

The moment she endorses a Democratic candidate for President…the election is over.


I’ll let my husband know that he was the one who made me vote for President Trump…according to Hillary. Isn’t it funny how she’s spewing her hardcored progressive message in a country that uses the caste system and has a gang rape epidemic.


All of Hillary’s senior political staff and decision makers are men. Hillary must be doing what she is told when she is told to do it.


She’s a hot mess. Can’t have many more years left since she can’t make it down a few steps without being held up by secret service who would probably love to just let go.


She slipped on poo.



She can’t look in a mirror and see why she lost the election.


You raise an important point @Scott. With all due respect to Mrs. Clinton, she needs to remember that even now, whether its fair or not, every word she utters in public is a potential Republican ad in 2018 and 2020. If you cant stop saying really stupid things (and her latest is right up there with deplorables) then take a break for a while. Giving the Republicans any more fodder for Fox’s front page isnt helpful. The campaign is over, and as stupid as Trump is for continuing to bring it up…it isnt much smarter for Mrs. Clinton to keep talking about it either.


The same could be said of the TIC.


Excuse me? I’m not sure what you mean by this.


That could be said of Trump as well… hell, he doesn’t even need to say anything to get bad press and even if he tells the truth he gets bad press…

The problem with her statements from article above is that the people who preface her name with ‘All due respect’ … generally agree with her and of course helps to resolve nothing. I’m still waiting for someone to quote a racist remark that Trump has made… Yeah, I know he said something in a rather general way about Mexicans but for the life of me, I just can’t find a racial slur in it.

A Deplorable :grin:


By the way… Glad to see you post… we need some variety and while you and I might not see eye to eye… we still can talk about most all of these subjects…


Yeah, She has bigger Nads than her Male Staff, Shame.


If Republicans want to run against Hillary in 2024, 2028, and 2032, they will, and anything she does or doesn’t do can’t stop them.


I just want her to have her day in court… I want to see a SERIOUS investigation into her dealings as Sec of State. As far as ‘running against her’… She is the one out their making a spectacle of herself…


The same thing could be said of the Twitter In Chief!!!


Tell me, what is more stupid than suggesting that there would be circumstances in which cops should ignore due process (law and constitution) and confiscate guns letting the courts sort it out latter?? Hmm


The Left has always manipulated our minorities, our poor, and uneducated populace. The first thing they espouse Time infinity, is the Race Card, and how people whom do not agree them are…wait for it !, are RACIST, OMG… we all are going to burn in Hell for something we all have an opinion On. Also, the Second most thing they Espouse is the wickedness of being Rich… OMG, don’t be an overachiever in an Capitalist Society, They only keep their money, they don’t provide jobs, they won’t share their wealth with those that feel entitled, etc. point is, Their same old story lines, are getting so old, they need new material, Talk to the Hand Libs.


Well, from one Deplorable to another, i do believe you are very accurate, Hillary uses The Racist word, i wonder what our Citizens would say if they heard the Taped comments of her and her Husband using the " N-Word" flagrantly, but the truth is not the Left’s forte.


Wearing the badge of honor huh?