This of Course is the Core of the 'immigration' movement -


Someone to cover my bills and tend my needs when I am no longer able to party like it’s 1999… It’s not about the ‘browning of America’… its about making sure those social services keep coming… as far as the brown people go… who gives a shit as long as millennials and brown people take care of me because… after all, I don’t have any kids around to care… Damn, I guess I should have had a batch, but that would have seriously crimped my lifestyle… Oh well, bring on the brown people… I’ll be dead before they start cutting off heads… I hope… Ah, I have it, I want state funded euthanasia…:v:t3:


Are you remote viewing the liberal brain again? If you are, make them write down over and over again that immigrants consume more social welfare benefits than they pay in for.


Has anyone in California ever thought about not expanding welfare payments?


Yeah… but the last one with any kind of voice got fired and run out of town…


Boy, the out-of-wedlock birthrate sure did skyrocket after the 1960s.

Whatever could have changed???

Must be AMERICANS undergoing a cultural malaise.


In California, there are 575 abortions per every 1000 births. California has so many abortions they stopped reporting them to the CDC in 1998.


If you want to understand why birthrates have plummeted not just in California, but throughout the world, look no further than women’s liberation.