Tick Tock: It's Time to Speak Out on Obama's Immigration Time-Bomb


The truth of the matter is that no State is sovereign if a stronger state violates its sovereignty as witnessed in Syria and Ukraine right now.


This is a wonderful article, and you identify what is, I believe, the central issue: allow mass migration from the Third World, and it means 1) more demand for welfare, and 2) more votes for the Left, who are promising more welfare.

I’ll add that I simply can’t accept the mass migrationist argument that we have to let 'em in to pick our tomatoes. We have more than enough people with few skills; we can manage.




Absolutely agreed, we’ll find some way to get those tomatoes picked. Slavery, hmm? Maybe we should take our welfare queens and other leeches and put 'em to work in those tomato fields. :wink:


Yes, bring back the CCC/WPA help Americans and they keep their dignity.