Tired of Facebook?


There is an alternative that just went live. So give Mr Zuckerburg the finger and head on over to Infinity and sign up.


Never tried , never cared to either . Why do people post where they are going on vacation , have pics of their home , family and children all over the place . Targets for perverts , thieves , and home invaders , my God !!


And just how would someone find this information if they are not invited? Social networks are invite only, if I’m not mistaken.


Good question !
Well first of all I don’t not live in a cave nor am I off the grid !
Second I have plenty of friends that send screen shots of various things on postings , they talk about pictures they seen of such and such’s house , new baby , girlfriends and the like .
Third I have NEVER been in prison but I have a clear idea on what happens there too and that’s by invite only too . CLEAR ??


This is a perfectly good place to make into our own social network.


Social networking? i do mine at



Blaming a social network for being stupid and posting when you are out of town is like blaming the gun for a shooting.

Grow up.


What, is this some kind of USmessage or something?


And joining a social network that censors views is like talking to a mirror !
grow up


Lol! having your view censored means you talk to no one. Having all views available is the best thing.


I was never a big Facebook fan, but I have cut back on my use of Twitter. Anyone else cut back?


Since I was never a big user ( I am on FB to keep up with family mostly) there was not much to cut back. I would say that others have, though, based on my news feed- not much there these days.


I don’t do Twitter anymore and yes, I’ve cut back a lot on Facebook.


I don’t own any FB stock that I know of but Facebook is a company free to publish what they want.

I guess you want the government to regulate everything.


Yeah, the leftists loons are calling Trump hitler and yet they beg for more government and for that same government to take away their guns.


Facebook reaches 2 billion and they only preach looney liberal PC BS , conservative views are silenced by censoring so is it any wonder we see so many nutty leftist after listening to nothing but liberal wacko views ?