Today, let's try listening


Today, let’s reach out to others who are different from us, who have different views, and let’s start with “I respect you as a human being; our views may be very different, but let’s try to see where they overlap.” We all want mostly the same things- a good economy, lots of jobs, excellent education, a sense of community, and friendships that aren’t based on politics. Please share this; let’s see if we can actually listen to each other.


NOPE! Not online in a forum anywho. In person it is a totally different thing.


I don’t think I am much different in person … (perhaps why I have few friends) :joy: I enjoy the give and take of debate and I can concede points well proven. I tend, as I would in person, to get bent out of shape by people who do not know how to actually argue a point but contend that the know better than I how to and when they are unable to deny a point, revert to cheap lines to end the debate…

I can play nice…:blush:


Sounds reasonable enough, though after years and years of political forum experience that is probably quite unlikely.


Well that’s what happens when you troll ! :roll_eyes:


And there you have exhibit A Doc. :wink:


What… you have a problem with constructive criticism? I would suggest that you look behind you at the trail of comments YOU have managed to collect and adjust your behavior accordingly… Just some friendly advice from someone who had been doing this from the 600 baud days…


With the advent of online forums for communications civility is a thing of the past. People could care less about insulting each other as there are no ramifications.

Imagine if someone came up to you and threw out comments like you read here and your reaction.

One of the downsides of the internet, loss of the ability to talk to each other.

I find that if I can communicate with my father in law, a far, far right progressive, I can talk to anyone who wishes to communicate. It is a 2 way street. Few people like it when what you say is proven to be BS but then again, it takes the person wrong to say your right I am wrong.


I don’t know Lou… that little group we had after Marketwatch decided that the more Conservative view was no longer welcome, was cordial. We had our differences and debated them at length. Max and myself went around quite a bit be we could always agree to disagree. The problem with these larger forums is people can’t actually get down to a factual discussion because no one whats to admit that they are wrong… and some just don’t know how to debate … this affects some more than others…

Older forums that I have been on had rather warm exchanges over beliefs be unlike here you could pull someone up of not sticking to the facts and they wouldn’t accuse you of insulting them…


The difference is that Max John Sills, our Australian friend (Both are missed) had a basis for their arguments based on facts. Both open to new information as long as it was somewhat unbiased. Sometimes we agreed and sometimes not. Here posts are for the most part opinion based on hyperbole, partisan garbage.

There is little debate when there is only opinion without facts to substantiate the opinion. Over the years I have changed my opinion on various topics as information was presented which changed my thinking on an issue. In other cases when I have been personally affected. The value of a forum is knowledge however little is gained from opinion without fact.


I do know how to communicate with things other than my mouth. Foot up the ass!


And that is what the left fears hiding on the internet.


This is the 1st I’ve been on. I have agreed once or twice with the great Monte the Improbable,similar to the Great Carnac.I am only joking and can’t wait to see what he calls me.This is who I am and tend to give people monikers.
I attempt to show a level of intelligence when responding to posts.As with all groups there is the10 % club. A percentage of people you can’t reach no matter what. I tend to let their ignorance speak for itself.
Having Fun Thanks


Lol, you big kidder you!!!


Monte,I’m glad you appreciate my sense of humor.