Top Half of Taxpayers Paid More Than 97% of Individual Income Taxes Collected in 2015


The top half of taxpayers paid more than 97 percent of the total individual income taxes collected in 2015, according to a report from the Tax Foundation.

The foundation evaluated the most recent data on tax year 2015 from the Internal Revenue Service, which shows a progressive tax system with taxes paid by mostly high-income earners.

The study splits taxpayers in half, with the top 50 percent of taxpayers classified as those earning more than $39,275 in adjusted gross income and the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers earning less than that.

The top half of earners paid the majority of taxes, or 97.2 percent of individual income taxes, and the bottom half paid only 2.8 percent of these taxes.

In addition, the top 1 percent of taxpayers, those who earn an adjusted gross income of $480,930 or more, paid 39 percent of individual income taxes, while the bottom 90 percent paid 29.4 percent. Top earners also paid an effective income tax rate of 27.1 percent, while the bottom 50 percent paid an average rate of 3.6 percent.

“In 2015 IRS data show that taxpayers with higher incomes pay much higher average income tax rates than lower-income taxpayers,” the report states. “As household income increases, the IRS data show that average income tax rates rise. For example, taxpayers with AGIs between 10th and 5th percentiles ($138,031 and $195,778) paid an average effective rate of 14.0 percent—nearly four times the rate paid by those in the bottom 50 percent.”

In total, there were 141.2 million taxpayers who paid $1.45 trillion in individual income taxes. These individuals earned $10.14 trillion in adjusted gross income. The $1.45 trillion in taxes that taxpayers paid in 2015 increased by 5.8 percent from the previous year.

“The most likely explanation behind the higher tax rates in 2015 is a phenomenon known as ‘real bracket creep,’” the report states. "When incomes rise faster than inflation, more income is pushed into higher brackets and thus becomes subject to higher tax rates."


Now that doesn’t seem very fair does it. Half the population carrying the other half almost all the way. People need a helping hand sometimes and that’s ok. They shouldn’t need a fireman’s carry for their entire lives.


The tyranny of the majority.


This speaks to my thesis that the Trump win can be understood as a revolt against the vampirism of the Left. In essence, the Left use the welfare state as a war-chest-and-sacrament, a way of buying support and establishing a moral high ground. They also use the broader complex of P.C. culture to undermine collective identity or interest among the groups they demonize, particularly white men, who just so happen to be net taxpayers.


The Trump win was not just a revolt against the left but the GOP career politicians and business as usual.


It make one wonder why those that never ever filed an income tax return are so dam interested in seeing what the president’s looks like . :roll_eyes:


If the Leftists think the tax cuts are bad,why no comments from the Follywood Elites. or highly paid pro athletes.


Everyone has the option to send in additional taxes.

Warren Buffet who advocates higher taxes Doesn’t send in a penny more than as required by law.

And of course he’s donating billions to the gates foundation avoiding taxes on the billions.

One would call this hypocritical.


Are there no comments on the Follywood Elites and pro sports athletes silence on the Tax Bill???


Because they’re wealthy and are amongst the chief beneficiaries, shrug


Yes Monte, I agree. They show there hypocrisy by constantly degrading President Trump and haven’t a problem.taking advantage.of the new tax bill.


Who would have thought that people who pay little or nothing in Federal Income taxes wouldn’t be the largest beneficiaries of a tax reduction.


That’s one of the problems with the partisan all or nothing mindset. Can you criticize one policy and applaud another?


sometimes only one is right… but of course the progressive left refuse to talk about the massive failings of the nations ‘safety net’… their solution is always and only … to throw more money at it… money conveniently available from those who actually create the wealth in the first place…


Partisans have difficulty with that. But there can also actually be people who personally benefit from a policy that they see is disadvantages to others, shrug.