Top User Referrals to Politiforum - March 2017


I wanted to take a moment to thank the following members for sharing links to our community over the past 30 days. I’m completely blown away by the numbers and the fact that you guys did this on your own.

Thank you!


The majority of you are putting me to shame!


I’ll pitch in! How do I go about doing this? I need KISS level instructions.


It’s pretty simple @Anna and I am building a user guide and welcome message this weekend so that new members and existing members will have access to all of the guides and instructions. We also have a wiki capability so I can create a general guide and members can add any of their own tips and tricks to the OP.

Here is how you refer someone and get credit for the referral:

On all posts, there is a link icon to the right of the heart. Click that. When you do a box will pop up with the link. The link will already be highlighted for you. That link is customized to be associated with your user name. When you post the link elsewhere and someone clicks on it, that counts as one referral.

You can link directly to your post, the post of another user, or the first post in the thread.


Glad to do it. I don’t post any personal updates on Facebook anymore. I just post links to my posts and trigger the snowflakes who I am “friends” with. I doubt any of them will sign up but they sure get pissed off about what they read.

The truth hurts.


What is love? Baby dont hurt me. Dont hurt me. No more.


I always tell them that if they don’t like it then sign up and speak up. They love being loud mouths in packs on Facebook but they are too scared to defend their own views.

@Patriot I should be honest though, I know a few have been reporting my posts to FB. I don’t want to do anything to get the site screwed up.


Don’t worry @BigTom the typical FB user wouldn’t last long here anyway. We do get a fair amount of traffic from FB but I don’t see that converting to many new users. I’ve also been banned from Facebook for the past 3 years so I don’t post anything there (thank you to @KVN for using her account for the login API). If Politiforum gets banned on FB. Oh well. Google is already penalizing us in search results and I know for a fact we are getting silenced by Twitter’s new “safe content” feature. I don’t see the safe space business model working well in the long term for these companies. Twitter is about to fall apart.


I got a temporary suspension from Reddit for linking to my posts. If we are pissing people off we are doing something right.


But… But… I don’t know no body… everyone I know… that hasn’t passed away, has already migrated here :cry: We had some attrition at our last forum… It was a rather intimate group of folks…


Yup, a recent video that i watched informed me about a practice called shadow banning / throttling from twitter, very shady. No wonder their stock price has been on a bearish thrust ever since 2015, from ~$50 to ~$15 as of this last week. People vote with their feet / stocks. Good thing I avoid social media all together ever since 2011, and it seems to help with my sanity.


I’m in a similar boat. I’m a convert from 4chan where everyone is anonymous. I got to know a few people offline and they are here now but I wish I could invite all of the people that were there before the site got overrun by shills. There was such good conversation there. Now, it’s basically dead. I was going to post a few links there but I don’t want the shills to show up.

Sorry to hear about your friends.


Any ideas on how to spread the word? I stay away from politics on social media. I just use that to share family photos and keep in touch with old work buddies.


@Ant great question.

If you are active on other forums you can always share our site with other members. If you do this, make sure you use a private message because forum admins generally frown on this sort of recruitment. They worked hard to get their members and they don’t want to lose them. Forums that are heavily moderated are usually a good target of opportunity. Members get fed up with mods and admins who behave like zealots.

If you are active on the few news sites that still have comment sections, you can always share a link that way. If you don’t want to have your social media accounts exposed, make sure you are not logged in to a commenting engine that uses your social media credentials.

Word of mouth is always good - but I understand not wanting to reveal your political views to friends, family, and business colleagues.

I’m in the process of getting a professional 60-second commercial made that will air on talk radio shows around the country. To really grow our community, I can’t depend on the typical methods and tools that most folks get to use. Many of the comments here result in Google search penalties and bans on social media sites. That’s unfortunate but there is nothing we can do about it. I’m not going to change how this site is administered to comply with the political views of third parties. My challenge is to adapt to the environment.


That’s really cool but it sounds expensive! Is it worth it?


That’s the beauty of bartering :wink:

Website work for the production of a commercial. I’ll probably start on AM talk radio shows. The rates are very reasonable.