Toxic feminist culture and higher education / institution, a love story


Its a long video, but here is a summary:

-Girl and boy got together as friends-with benefit
-Girl got attached / feelings, guy didnt wanna
-Months later, girl filed for rape
-University (an Ivy league, Columbia U.) and police investigated but found no conclusive evidents
-Tho still puts his name on an accessible “rape list”
-Girl went on, carried around a mattress to fulfill her performance art class while continuing to play the victim card, “until her rapist is gone”
-Meanwhile, university press and MSMs (MSNBC, NY Times etc) kept pursuing the story, branding the guy a rapist while giving her air time
-She is now “messianic artist
-Feminist nationwide protested in the same fashion around campuses, carrying mattresses.
-Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) invited her to speak at the State of the Union address.

-Meanwhile, boy sued Colombia U for defamation while even her (guy) friends now harass and file report of being sexually assaulted by him.
-Columbia U. settled with money and a “sorry”, while his name is still ruined and probly ruined his life and employment prospect forever.

-She is now making a living as an “artist”, here is some examples of her artistry:

*Re-enactment of the “rape” (yes, Im not making this up, here is a huffpost talking about the piece)
*BDSM “art”


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