Trade WAR and what it actually means!


Some people would like to see that change… join us… Some things, like a nations ability to produce and care for itself are more important that gross profits but as long as tax revenues are the only thing of paramount interest to the US government and the socialist agenda, little will change with regards to the quest for an ever bigger GDP.



Bringing back the steel industry will bring back high paying jobs and living wages , the very same BS the left claims it wants ! Canada has ALWAYS been protective and only allow Americans to do work that Canadians don’t want , yet we allow them to cross the border and work here . We don’t owe Canada shit ! America is the largest consumer nation in the World and tariffs will result in MORE foreign Countries building plants in the USA . They need us , we don’t need them !!! AMERICA FIRST !!!


Higher prices, layoffs, and economic nosedives: What Trump’s trade war could mean for you

The operative word in that title, like a good Krugman article about the affects of minimum wage is … ‘Could’… but just like Krugman’s take on minimum wage (until he admitted his arrogant errors), the ‘could’ just be absolutely a bunch of rubbish.


Every American industry using aluminum and steel will bear the burden, passed on to the consumer.


So we should continue to run up hundreds of billions in trade deficits so you can buy a cheaper car or pays and pans?


Hahaha, yeah. You’ll probably grin and bear it when the cost of everything starts climbing because you haven’t the fortitude to hold the fat ass TIC accountable.


You remember how Pelosi went around telling everyone how insignificant and extra $1000 a year is… well it would appear that the cost of a new $35000 car will cost about $175 dollars more. Yes it is a tax but it is either the people of the US adjust and bring back industry or try to pay for that $35000 car with their low wage service job…


Trumps trade wars will hurt everyone.

And even his own party is unhappy about it.


And what does it matter?


Then of course we can equalize our auto import tariffs… currently the US tariff for European cars is 2.5% and Europe’s for American cars is 10%. Perhaps this is the start of understanding the hypocrisy over ‘Free Trade’… and just how much it really costs the US and its citizens.


Well I don’t know how much he can do by himself, but maybe we find out.


I see your in full spam mode fake newsing every topic here.


Perhaps you’ll care about it when your grocery bill goes up. So much for MAGA. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


America is approaching energy Independence and will soon be the biggest producer of oil there is no reason we cannot produce all the steel and aluminum we need and start exporting again !

The US is the world’s top steel importer. The value of steel shipped into the US was just over $29 billion in 2017.

Nearly 17% of steel imported into the US comes from Canada, according to S&P Global Platts. South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and China are also major exporters to the US.

The new tariff could put those countries squarely in the firing line.

Ben May, a director at Oxford Economics, said that 88% of Canadian steel exports went to the US in 2016. The same is true for nearly three-quarters of Mexican steel.


Are you kidding ? The EU and the WTO have been screwing America for decades !

The two largest economies in the world, China and the European Union, both have surpluses near $300 billion. (Source: “Current Account Balance World Rank,” CIA World Factbook.)

Why would the richest country on earth need to borrow money to sustain its economy? It’s because of the trade deficit. Americans spend more on imports than U.S. businesses export.

Most countries try to create trade policies that encourage a trade surplus. They consider a surplus a favorable trade balance because it’s like making a profit as a country. Nations prefer to sell more products and receive more capital for their residents. It translates into a higher standard of living. Their companies also gain a competitive advantage in expertise by producing all the exports. They hire more workers, reducing unemployment and generating more income.



Yeah, and not much of it from China, the alleged target of the tariffs. Trumps an idiot who knows NOTHING!


If that’s true, renegotiating trade deals is one thing, starting trade wars is however what we would expect the fm in the White House to do.


Canada imports steel from China as do almost nations we import steel from .
American manufactures have been in a war for decades !


NAFTA is (was?) being renegotiated, but that wasn’t good enough for the TIC, nope, he needs trade war.