Trade WAR and what it actually means!


Got nothing to say ? Yawn :point_right:


I have plenty to say, but that’s all you ever say when the TIC is indefensible. :wink:


He is going to do a ‘temporary exemption’ for them… I just adds to the leverage over NAFTA … we import our steel from Canada #1, Mexico#3 and China #5. This wasn’t ill conceived it was a shot directly at China for dumping and our less than balance trading relationship with Canada and Mexico… Given that SKorea is #2 I see some leverage there as well…



I hope he doesn’t make exemption for anyone ! America need to build steel mills as a matter of national security ! There is no reason we don’t make all of our steel for domestic consumption and export the rest !


Perhaps then, we should nationalize them and let the public sector unions have at it? Do that and our excess capacity no doubt will be so expense that no one will want to buy it. Their is a difference between the kind of protectionism that you speak of where we completely insulate our businesses from honest competition and the tariffs Trump is imposing to stop governments from rigging the game.


Making our own steel is fine so long as clean air, water and soil regulations are followed. And, it will be much more expensive.


We most certainly have to have our priorities in order…


Because we waste, WASTE trillions of dollars in stupid operations like we have just in the ME with 7 trillion down the tubes in the last 15 years alone.


Obama increased the national debt by 70% during his presidency.


So polluting the world everywhere else does not matter? We got one world!


Actually, I think that the ND increased 100% during his presidency. But here’s the deal, and I don’t care which way you have it if you’re consistent about it. If the increase in the ND between 2008-2016 is Obama’s fault, then the increases under Trump (substantial already) will be his fault. If the increases during the Obama administration are owned by congress, then you may blame congress for the increases during the Trump administration.


Who said that? I believe the point is that we must be responsible for ourselves while encouraging and helping others do the same.


So we refuse to buy from any nation that does not meet our standards. This would dramatically increase prices.


U.S. Trade Deficit Grew to $566 Billion in 2017, Its Widest Mark in Nine Years


That’s the slash and burn approach, and our standards are being relaxed under Trump.


So, you renegotiate it.


and… 50% of the population is being given a government check for some reason or another all the while we import cheap labor to keep people on their couches… shrug.


Standards… values… morals… We Have None… Hah


WTO rules are funny… seems that they aren’t to different from letting 3rd world depots sit on the UN Human Rights Council…