Trade WAR and what it actually means!


Platitudes…explain what that means. What “change” are you talking about. We tried “change” once before as a country and look at all it has brought us.


Really? WHEN, when have Americans pulled their collective heads out of their collective asses and voted for something besides a democrat or a Republican who continue to fuck them over, hmm?


Any yet he is hard at work for the people he has nothing in common with ?
A man of his word !
A man is only as good as his word !
Unlike the organizer who promised much and delivered nothing ?


This fat fuck couldn’t tell you the truth if you asked him what time it was. I’ll bet you all the money you can afford to lay on the table that the TIC won’t lock her up or pay off our national debt.


Such hatred. What does anything you’re posting have to do with trade?


What does THAT have to do with trade, hmm???


Can’t stand to have the liar in chief exposed that way can you?


What does this have to do with trade?


Nope never go back ! The internet is a game changer working Americans were a little slow waking up to the facts but the truth has set us free and we will vote what is in our best interest .
I think Tucker Carlson may be ready in seven years to make a run ! Yawn :weary:


Read the link instead of shitting on the thread and you’ll learn something.


Fucker Carlson. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


And of course Obama never had a real job in his life…

Trump was at least on site at his fathers construction projects… Trump’s father Fred made his money in providing middle class housing… and if that isn’t proof enough, Trump likes Big Mac’s…:joy::joy::joy:


President Trump is a builder and has worked with tradesmen in the construction of his buildings !image


And screwed over lots of subs.


Don’t have a clue about the building industry or fire arms all you do is repeat senseless dogma from the left !


Which proves you know nothing about business and the process of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy like the Obama forced on the Auto industry was a far better example than the pitifully small trump bankruptcy of screwing over hundreds of thousands of workers of suppliers, Auto workers, dealership workers and the support industries. Then the left blamed the unemployment caused by the actions of the pervious administration as well as the additional unemployment.


Some of the sub contractors that worked for Trump and trusted that they’d be paid, lost their businesses due to his sorry ass.


And over 100,000 people that worked for car dealers that Obama killed were unemployed because of his and democrat, liberal sorry asses.

Not to mention the 10’s of thousands of GM employees that lost =theri jobs because of liberals sorry asses.

Not to mention the tens of thousand of people working for suppliers who lost their jobs because of progressive liberals sorry asses.

Trump chump change, progressives hundreds of thousand lost their jobs because of their sorry asses.


Every subcontractor on a job has portion of there pay 10% or 20% held for a period of time until a finial building inspection and the owners punch list is worked thru . If for some reason they can’t perform the work the 10% or 20% is forfeited and a new sub is hired to do the work ! Yawn :point_right::weary:


Nice, but that’s not what I was talking about.