Trans Troops: Coming Soon to an Army Near You


DoJ Ignores Legal Protests


Trans Troops: Coming Soon to an Army Near You

Four federal district court judges and two Courts of Appeals judges have ordered the Department of Defense to recruit persons identifying as transgender, starting on January 1, 2018.

The Department of Justice failed to file an immediate emergency appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, citing as their excuse a pending Defense Department “study” of the issue.

Department of Justice fails to protect servicemen.

Though under Article III of the U.S. Constitution the federal courts have no authority to make policy regarding the military, it has been brought to the attention of this newspaper that the Department of Defense has circumvented the elected government of the United States.

When asked for comment Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness said the following:

“The issue is not the military transgender policy alone, but who gets to decide what the policy will be. By failing to petition the Supreme Court to stay the lower court orders, the DoJ has tacitly conceded that federal judges can make military policy and establish medical standards for enlistments."

According to Reuters, an anonymous Justice Department official said that the Defense Department has committed to a stuy to investigate the issue. Donnelly continued;

"The DoJ’s reported strategy might be plausible IF the Defense Department “study” in question were truly fact-based and objective, and IF the DoD had taken steps to provide conditional enlistment contracts with transgender personnel who are recruited under the force of federal court orders. Neither expectation has been met."

In the opinion of this newspaper President Trump should not allow military policy to be dictated by relics of the corrupt regime of Mr. Obama.

Regardless of our personal opinions of transgenderism, we must accept that males and females are biologically different. Under Christ, women and men are in union, not transposable. The transgender people among us must be dealt with compassion and medical care- not weak indulgence.

Mrs Donnelly continues:

"In order to preserve prerogatives of the Commander-in-Chief, Secretary Mattis should direct that any new enlistment contracts with people who identify as transgender are written in conditional terms. Every accession or reenlistment contract involving a person who identifies as transgender, or has a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, should include conditional language referencing compliance with court orders.

Accession and reenlistment contracts also should state that if the government prevails in the litigation, the accession or reenlistment contract will be voided, the person will be immediately released from active duty, and any subsequent applications for accession or reenlistment will be processed in accordance with duly promulgated accession standards.

The Justice Department’s irresponsible failure to appeal to the SCOTUS for a stay calls into question whether President Trump will be able to implement his own policies, which were announced with a Memorandum on August 25. There does not appear to be a strategy to fight on principle and win.

This situation gives rise to several questions which President Trump should ask of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Defense Secretary James Mattis:

  • Why did Secretary Mattis assign Anthony Kurta, an Obama holdover with a record of LGBT activism before and after the Trump Inauguration, to chair the paenl of experts that is supposed to produce a report and recommendations on transgender policies by February 21?
  • Why does the Justice Department think the courts will view the result of the Mattis “study” more favorably than the 2016 Ashton Carter/RAND report promoting transgenders in the military?
  • Why have Justice Department attorneys essentially conceded that it is right for the courts to impose enlistment standards in the first place?
  • Why have DoD officials been obsessing about what type of underwear transgender recruits should wear to the MEPS (military entrance processing station), instead of preparing conditional enlistment contracts that will protect presidential prerogatives?"

“The most important question is: How does any of this improve mission readiness and combat lethality?"

It is hard to disagree with Mrs. Donnelly's assesment. While we must not discriminate against people for their chosen identity, it does not follow that the security of the nation should come second to that identity. It may hurt some folks to hear it, but transgenderism is a mental disorder. We extend our sympathy to all sufferers from this syndrome.

Our military is the best. It must be the best. Mind and body. Transgenderism excludes one from service the same as myopia or diabetes.

We can all serve our country- whichever country that may be. Not all of us are fit and able to serve in the military.

God Bless our troops and veterans.

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This I would say, as was stated above, this is on Trump… he and his DOJ did not attempt to file a stay against these orders. I have no doubt that properly argued that between expense and deployability issues, the Supreme Court would have likely shot down these judges… but maybe their is more to this than meets the eye… perhaps visible failure of the program is what is needed…

People talk about the number of ‘transgenders’ that are currently serving… I wonder how many are playing dressup and how many are actually post op requiring medical intervention to maintain the illusion… I would guess that the latter are few if any…


So the commander in chief has to get approval from judges to make policy? Thomas Jefferson warned of rule by judges.


Well someone needs to do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, and all of the other shit jobs that no one else wants to do. Also they will be useful front line front runners…with guns pointed behind them just in case they do something stupid.


This of course is one area where the left flails its arms while saying Trump is destroying the constitution. Trump has yet to turn his back on a court order(unlike other recent presidents) and let it play out in court… this is just another example of how the left eat themselves everyday. At some point this control between the executive and the judiciary is going to come to a head… hopefully it is resolved in line with the constitution and not another activist decision.


Everyone has the right to serve, but not everyone makes the cut. The commander-in-chief and military leaders gets to decide that not some judge.


Expect our enemies to use this against us in their propaganda campaigns. This makes the US military look weak.


Done in a strong Russian accent : " Your military is always going around half cocked …".:rofl: pardon me… that probably wasn’t even the least bit humorous…


It’s funny and sadly true. It’s comedic gold. Other countries don’t even have to try very hard to make us look bad. Especially countries like Russia that still pride themselves on masculinity and femininity being separate and exactly what they are. Plus…think about all of those ISIS propaganda videos. All they have to do is flash the headlines and show a bunch of transvestites wearing uniforms. This should have Americans outraged because sending a message like this is dangerous and has consequences.

Click at your own peril


Come here and say that yankee man…


Thanks for the spoiler on that Scott. I at least had time to put down my chicken parm.


Jefferson warned against it because it is tyrannical. Rule by a panel of judges, who continually rule and re-rule on the same question without any regard to consistency or previous decisions. That’s the perfect arrangement for tyrannical government. The “law” is whatever they want it to be right now, which may or may not be the same thing tomorrow.


If the “conservatives” in Congress wanted to stop this they could just pass legislation outlawing this with a provision in it that excludes judicial review. Congress has the power to set the jurisdictions of the federal court system. They can also impeach judges when they make rogue judgments like this one. It just shows that these assholes in Congress have NEVER been willing to conserve anything but liberal/leftist changes to our society.


Unless of course the military ignores the judges edict.


It’s kind of like the people who list to get financial assistance in college.

In this case it’s financial help to become a thing.


Time to watch the out of control Federal Judges. They should be dragged in front of the Supreme Court to explain their decisions. If not Constitutional, should be heavily fined. Second offense is firing.


I agree. This goes beyond testing the waters to see how much they can get away with. If they aren’t called out and held accountable it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.


I think that the Supreme Court is going to get tired of these kinds of cases as they did with Trumps authority as president to make decisions on who comes to the US and who doesn’t… It is very frustrating to see all of these frivolous decisions but I think Trump is doing it the smart way; rather than ignore these court decisions… he is going to see them go to the Supreme Court. What will eventually happen is the power of the president will become well defined so that we don’t have less of the kind of overreach that Obama used and we will see the judiciary put back in its place… This isn’t unlike Trump pushing Obama EO’s back to congress where they should have resided in the first place…


Transsexuals are the improved version of homosexuals who are somewhat capable of independent thought. Neutered, mutilated, hormone-dependent, and mentally wrecked at increasingly young ages, transexuals have no identity apart from what the system has given them, and no choice but to attack anything conservative or traditional as a threat to their very being.


I guess some may think that somewhat extreme. Federal Judgeships have become partisan hitmen especially on the Left. If they aren’t held to account, politics in America will become a blood sport.