Transgender at six years of age or child abuse?

A friend of mine directed me to this article. I was quite shocked when I read it.

A mother, who is also a pediatrician, has determined her six year old son is transgender. His name is James, but she calls him “Luna”. She dresses him like a girl, puts makeup on him when he goes to school.

The father, who is divorced from the mother is fighting tooth and nail trying to save his son.
As a math teacher, he has depleted his savings, retirement and all he has financially in this battle.

The Dallas, Texas court is siding with the mother.

She (the mother) is seeking to require him (the father) to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.

Unfortunately, in most states, child sex changes are legal.

This woman should be in a mental institution and only allowed supervised visits with her child.

This pro-transgender movement is getting out of hand. God help this innocent little boy and his father.

Thoughts? Opinions?


That’s clear case of child abuse…mother vindictive nature is using the child to punish the father.

And those state that allow child sex change is just as sick as she is.


Agreed. A child should be able to grow into adulthood and after the age of 25 when the brain is fully developed, make their own decision.

That a court would allow this kind of thing goes beyond the pale.

Perhaps I see children differently. Not as objects of ownership but as individuals.


I couldn’t agree more with you. Adults should be free to make their own decisions, even though I believe transgenderism is a mental illness. No amount of surgery or hormones will make a man a woman, or vice versa.

But to do this to a child? I think that is criminal. And not only is it legal, but many “doctors” are encouraging it now.

What do we know about the long term effects it can have on these kids in later years, both physical and emotional? What dangers are we subjecting innocent children to by pumping them full of hormones?

The worst of this story is the father was declared unfit, not the mother. This is very twisted thinking. It is the mother who has the illness, not the father, who is only trying to protect his son.

The father has been forbidden to talk to the son about transgenderism, or to bring up religious issues. This is really scary.

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It’s a violation of his most basic parental and constitutional rights.

Any judge who signed such an order needs to be disbarred and jailed for violating his civil rights.


I agree. This entire thing is just so, so wrong. It’s getting very little attention which also bothers me, even a lot of conservative sites can’t be bothered.

With over 80% of the press in this country today being decidedly leftwing propagandists rather than honest reporters of news what more can we even expect?

Well that is true, but I expect more of conservative sites. The ones I have checked have not been reporting this, with the exception of The Right Scoop.

Along the same lines, Good Morning America featured a 10 year old drag queen who calls himself Desmond is amazing. This is what passes now for mainstream interviews on network TV. He was dressed up as a woman, and later some adult drag queens cam out to congratulate him on his bravery.

What is wrong with adults who are doing this to a young child? It is beyond sick.

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The freaks have been empowered over the last couple of decades.

Sooner or later God is going to nuke the whole planet or hit us with a massive gamma burst. It’ll make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a bad afternoon in a small town.

Yes, this cannot continue indefinitely. It’s especially awful because children are involved. Adults are actively encouraging their children to participate in this, or in “transitioning”.

And in the case of the OP, the boy clearly doesn’t even “identify” as a girl. This is all in the mom’s head.

Reminds me of the lesbian deaf couple that was intentionally trying to destroy their “son’s” hearing so he’d be more like them.

I had not heard of this one. Doing harm to young children is perhaps one of the worst things a person can do. Makes me wonder what some of those kids will be like in 10 to 20 years.

They will be a train wreck of a human being. The mother is condemning him to a lifetime of fitting in with no one except for a certain subset of people who’s mental health is questionable to begin with.

I read the court papers. I don’t think he was declared unfit. He is just not allowed to do anything that goes against the transgender believes of the mother. In one of the complaints, the mother had a fit because the father got his son’s hair cut.

I find this whole situation, especially that the courts will allow this to be an abomination.

We have parents who can’t let their children play on the playground by themselves without CPS being called, but it is acceptable to chemically castrate them when they are eight years old?

The mother should undergo psychiatric evaluation and be allowed supervised visits only with her son.

Should someone with sanity step in and allow that to actually happen, I wonder how much irreparable damage has already been done to this child. It is almost like Munchausen Syndrome by proxy.

The poor dad has only raised about 7K. and is financially ruined. I’d love to see a high profile attorney take this case and bring national attention to it.

Tucker Carlson at least had a segment to bring awareness to female genital mutilation. Which a Michigan judge ruled the banning of to be unconstitutional.

But God help you if you spank or discipline your child. Some of these judges need to have their heads examined.

Wow… they’re going to mutilate this little kid (no six year old knows what their sexuality is!!) and the only person saying no is the villain. I give a 60% chance the kid commits suicide by 20. It’s a tragedy really - but as long as it fits leftist ideology it’s all good.


It will be an extra mess when this child hits puberty. I think you’re right about suicide. I’m sure the mother will blame the father for it never realizing that she destroyed a human being.

It is sad advances in medicine has let to the perversion of those that should be healers. A doctor who would medically castrate an 8 year old should be sent to prison.


this plus 1

You are generous with the 60% , If I was a betting man I give it 75%

What these idiotic parent ( I know the father is fighting this) doesnt know or refuses to acknowledge that transgendered people have the highest suicide rate, if Im not mistaken that includes post opt trans.

Back to the this woman with the 6 year old, legislators have to come up with laws that protects kids from whacked out leftist idiotic parent.

I feel for this kid to be in that environment with a whacked out liberal nutbar parent, some people should never be allowed to procreate when they are screwed up themselves.

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I can’t remember the name of the organization who represented the christian Baker. I’m sure they would help this man who is desperately trying to help his son.