Transgendered Atheletics in New Jersey



And if you had ANY doubt NJ was a BLUE STATE you have your answer ! :laughing:


And what will happen when the first POC girl is killed by a guess the gender of the week boy?

Oh, of course, they’ll all sue the school district/taxpayers.


Now that NJ has just elected a liberal lunatic expect more news like this for the next few years.


Women’s lacrosse and ice hockey should become quite interesting very shortly.


Have everyone seen enough of those supposedly female athletes? Especialy those flicking ugly Commie Chinese weightlifters!!! How would any SANE man would want to have sex with them???. You would have to put a lead bag over their heads to keep the ugliness from coming through!!!It would take a far better man than me!!!


How do the coaches handle the PMS??? I hope they have enough hot water bottles for the cramps