Trudeau Government Considering National BLM Holiday


America, please declare war on Canada. It won’t be hard to defeat us. Trudeau won’t even fight you. It’s really fine. Please liberate us from this madness.


A lesson for all Canadians. This is what happens when you elect an inexperienced drama teacher to the highest office in your country. Sorry we can’t invade you since we have our own inexperienced world leader that we are patiently waiting out.


They took lessons from the US as they watched the US elect an inexperienced community organizer and now watch as the US may elect a known liar that lacks integrity. But Hilly is the first woman and like the first black a poor representative of both groups.


I don’t want to come off as crass, but I have little sympathy for you guys up there. This guy should have never been elected in the first place. I couldn’t even see him getting elected to a school board position which is pretty low tier. Instead you guys give him the biggest job there is. There’s an old saying, you reap what you sow.


Yeah, in America we just prefer to keep denying history ever took place pre WWII when we won!

Wait…no…we deny our history since then too!

Don’t let reason truth and responsibility over take you by doing the right thing, Canada! If you want to be like the United States keep denying!!!

And blame the victims!!!

that part really messes them all up!


A national holiday based on a false premise. Bizarre


What wars have you ever fought in? I don’t know your history but if you have ever fought in a war then at what point did you feel it was appropriate to shit all over what your brother and sisters in arms cherish? If you never fought in a war, then at what period of your life did you actually enlist or receive a commission into the armed forces and take the oath? You talk a lot about fighting for things that you believe in but it doesn’t sound to me as if you have ever possessed the intestinal fortitude to actually do it. So, what’s the deal? Were you ever actually willing to fight and die for something that you believed in, or do you just scream out over your keyboard that everyone else has the right to shit on America while those that earned the right to speak out about what is sacred to them must be silenced because a bunch of pussy cry babies don’t agree with them and would rather stomp and shit on the flag. There is nothing racist or hateful about wanting to kick the guts in of people who don’t love and cherish this country. I say that because if you don’t love it, leave it! I also say that because there is nothing wrong in wanting to clean out the gutters of this great country once in a whale to ensure that the blood spilled by our patriots runs clean. People like you, and the people you speak for do nothing but gunk up the operations of a well oiled machine. There are plenty of red blooded Americans that feel the same as me and that ain’t wrong. Telling us that we have to keep our mouths shut after someone disrespects something we hold dear is wrong. Or telling us that we fought for their right to disrespect us just means that you have ever met an American fighting man in the flesh, because if anyone ever said some dumb shit like that to my face they would catch an attitude adjustment real quick. Keep your preaching up from the confines of your computer, the day you spout this shit to a battalion of infantrymen ready to go to the war is the last day you possess full motor control of that receptacle on the front of your face. Good day.


paragrapghs are your friend friend.

nice outburst. I can tell hearing the truth bothers you. It should.

I have met many fighting men from grunts to medics to officers to West Point Generals.

most would find your behavior embarrassing and shake their head. you are exactly what we are fighting against.

and we will continue to speak out until bigotry and hatred are stamped out of this country for THAT behavior friend is what besmirches the names of all who have sacrificed for this country!


Steve never volunteered and was never drafted.

He is unaware of the sacrifices that people that have served make from little pay horrible hours to being stationed in the nastiest places in the world to participating in a war.

He is unaware of what motivates a person to serve their country.

He claims freedom of speech over rules the sacrifices people that have served made and continue to make.
He has no problem burning the flag disrespecting people that have served when they disagree with his beliefs.


I’m an E-5, just finished my first four year enlistment and re-enlisted for six. I make $31,370.40 a year, which is just barely above the $31,200.00 a year being offered by the $15.00 minimum wage advocates.


I also lived in poverty serving our country with little appreciation from the citizens of this country. Thank you for your service.


what a wholly insecure baseless argument @LouMan.


That’s fine as long as there is a white lives matter day, and a Hispanic lives matter day, and an Asian lives matter day. I’m sick of the catering and coddling blacks receive. Even acknowledgement of a BLM day is reverse racism. We are supposed to be equal so why put blacks on a pedestal at every opportunity?


Exactly, as soon as Obama stepped foot in office “equality” laws should have been abolished, not strengthened.


do you even know you just stepped on the rake? <WHACK!!>

does that hurt?

listen to yourself for crissakes.



I never used to feel that way. Honest. I am so tired of hearing about everyone’s feelings and about how bad blacks have it and about how I am privileged and racist because I am white. I used to be an active member of the Green Party and was for years! My patience just started eroding over time. Why is it that I am guilty of every single thing bad that has happened to every minority since the beginning of time? Why can’t I just have a disagreement with someone without being called racist? It’s crazy! I’ve just had it. My grandparents came here from POLAND during World War II literally running from Nazi death squads. We were dead broke living in tenements until my brother and I went to college! I’m done!


I agree with you gray


Why do you say that Steve? Is it a struggle to get to the White House? Would the vast majority of people who might have ambition to get to the White House fail at the first hurdle?.. the second?.. the third?.. This president made it to that office with the help… or the push of several people both white and black. Carson went through medical school to be a top flight surgeon. Pilots, Lawyers, Business Executives and Politicians… The path appears to be available to anyone with the ambition and the drive to put in the hard work. Perhaps more than affirmative action programs that put ill prepared people in positions that set them up to fail, perhaps we need more motivational speakers teaching affirmations… or prayer.

What I think I see from the progressive movement is the desire to remove the hard work part of success… for everyone to have the ability to be a CEO without the hassle of actually learning how to take instruction from a good CEO first.


Scott that is one of those things that sounds good and should work but doesn’t. SURE we ALL can be a surgeon fi we work hard enough!


Just like you would not want me fixing your plumbing, Not everyone is meant for those types of work for a NUMBER of legitimate reasons. The PROBLEM Scott is limited upward opportunity.

It used to be if you got a job in the mines, a factory, wherever and you worked hard the world was BUYING so business grew or people died and YOU got promoted and could live a good life on one salary and then retire with a PENSION.

It doesn’t work that way anymore. Now you and me a many others have had some success but I see it everyday so many hard working people with nothing to show for it. We need to change the way we pay people in this country!

We need mandated profit sharing so everyone shares in the results of a profitable operatin the difference is this must be required to go into a MY-IRA like Our President proposed and be unavailable for ANY reason except death, disability or retirement.

In this way…people can actually pass along wealth to their families. Right now, many generations start from nothing every time and that is no way to build a country.


That is sure to get more people to invest in America. Share/bond holders will be compensated so any additional profits that are distributed will likely be made up in HIGHER prices. Interesting how workers deserve not earn more compensation. Doesn’t matter if it’s a higher minimum they deserve not earn that compensation.

And people wonder why manufacturers move to foreign countries that have less regulator burden as well as less government and progressive interference.

I am please to be a sole proprietor as there is less hassle than with employees even though today I could keep 6 people busy with the calls I get for projects.

All thanks to people like yourself, and BO as well as Hilly I will remain a sole proprietor.